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This is Bullshiz!

Ah yes, here I am later than 2pm in the afternoon and I haven’t quit.


Because my boss literally “bumped” me from today’s meetings. That’s right, I got bumped.

With nowhere else to turn, I am just going to write up my notice over email and email it to her before I go home today (she’s off tomorrow).

What else should I have expected from this place?!

Or maybe I’ll just run into her office, quit, and then slam-dunk a cheeseburger on her head. That way I’ll always be remembered.

D Day

I guess I am not so much dumping, as I am just flat out quitting my job today.

I am pretty terrified of having to quit my first permanent office job. My last office job was a contract, so it was pretty easy to leave on my last day. My last job at the hospital though, was delightful to quit since the boss was ever-absent and a huge tool. I’m sure I’ll feel a nice sense of release when I actually hand the letter over, but I’m pretty intimidated.

I guess it’s just one of those unavoidables in life though. Two o’clock is going to come whether I like it or not (we have a meeting scheduled), and I’m going to have to utter whatever it is that I finally decide to say when I give my notice.

I really don’t know what to say at this point when I walk in there. I am taking Lorkeet’s advice and being just straightforward and to the point, giving no details to her (because, frankly, it’s none of her business).

I’m kind of mad though because I feel like I am giving up, like I am throwing in the towel. I guess I am though. I don’t want to be here anymore, and the work that I feel is so meaningful that this organization does, I don’t really get to be involved with. That’s the disappointing thing about working in fund development. You have to suck up to people for money, but don’t get to see the every day effect that the funds you raise actually has on people.

I have a feeling that I am going to really enjoy my new job. Sure, I took a pay cut to have it, but I really think I’ll enjoy it a lot more because of the people I’ll be working with.

I don’t know what it is about working in an office with all women, but I vow to try my hardest never to work in an office of them again. It’s too catty, too emotional, too full of estrogen-educed hatred for anyone younger than the average.

500 drunk women on a mountain = an evening I won’t soon forget!


All I can say is wow.

I spent all yesterday with a bunch of middle-aged women on a mountain, and let me tell you, things got crazy.

I would show you photos that I had taken on my camera phone, but they include photos of my boss dancing on a table and spinning a microphone around that she stole from the entertainment.

How do I sum it up….

Well, after the long speeches we had to attend, a tourist bus (or rather 3) took us on a tour of Banff, complete with snacks and wine. This is probably where it started to go downhill. One of the women thought they’d be funny and steal all the red wine. Then they all screamed with delight when we saw some mountain goats. Then they had their fourth or fifth helping of wine. Then we got to our dinner location.

From there I got to see some drunk women roll around on the grass, a few of them try to calf-rope a metal cow while trying to balance on a metal horse….

It was MAYHEM!

The evening ended with several staff members dancing on an elevated fire pit, rushing the stage, and even chanting, “ELK, ELK, ELK!!!!” when we saw an elk on the bus ride home.

It was like I was on some hidden camera show. So ridiculous.

I’m glad it’s over, but oh man, I don’t ever want to do that again!

Likely Brain Implosion in: 3……..2……1……..bleeehhhh.

Okay, I am having a little anxious freakout, and I thought I’d take you along for the ride.

I am sixty days away from Vancouver! AAAAAH! Crazy. It still doesn’t seem real to me!

So I have a job I guess, and I also got called by this AMAZING Arts Organization , which is located on Granville Island. GORGEOUS. I am thinking maybe that job would pay more, so I have a phone conference interview next week for that. It’s pretty great that people are phoning me despite the fact that I’m in a different city. I didn’t know if that was really going to hold me back or not.

I have a feeling that apartments are going to be a pain in the ass if we don’t get this North Van place. What’s with people hatin’ on dogs?! I mean, my dogs are pretty much like barking, fat cats. Why do apartment landlords like cats more? I mean hell, Winston and Zelda use a LITTER BOX!

I am also headachy because I have to work on a Saturday. Gross. I have to go to this National Conference in Banff, and some of you know how much I love Banff. Anyhow, I have to go see some speakers, and then my boss is forcing our department to go for dinner at some craphouse, woodsy BBQ place, which will make me feel right at home considering I am a vegetarian. Is it wrong of me to want to skip out on the dinner? I don’t even get to put in for overtime on this! I do get my gas money back though, which is radical considering it’ll cost me like $55 for a tank!

I also don’t want to go because I won’t even be working at the same place in three months! What is the point?! I have to go to save face though. Ugh. And wait! I ALSO don’t want to go because I got some interesting information regarding my bosses intentional oversight of the fact that I had connections at a certain large corporation that just gave us a $20,000 grant. I don’t get it, I just don’t get it.

Hopefully no one will even notice me at all and I can feel free to step out at any time. Maybe I’ll just run into the woods and hide from all the middle-aged women at my org. until sundown.

Okay, my head is feeling a little better now.

It’s probably just all the covert stuff I have to do to look for jobs and find apartments that like dogs and figure out how and when we’re moving, and still maintain the same workflow and house-cleaning regime (although that’s been lacking as of late…).

Today was also convocation of my year of graduates, and I had to miss it because my boss gave me a project at last minute. Le sigh. I wasn’t walking the stage (as I pretty much despise the staff at that place), but I was trying to go to see my friends and Steve graduate. I had to miss this huge moment because I have to keep chugging away at my desk and fake that everything is all good and that I am happy to be here and am striving to make sure I do a good job. Blah!

Lest I get in some kind of trouble…

let me say that today I officially have the absolute LEAST amount of like for my occupation currently.

I’d say somewhere around the opposite of love it to pieces. Yup. That’s about where I am.

"Yeah, and the twentysomething over there gets to drink POP!"

The great thing about working in an office where 98% of the women are on a weight program is that there is ALWAYS chocolate around. There’s even a cupboard that contains a little goldmine of delicious candy bars where I work. They’re just in smaller portions. For instance, I just ate a single Kit Kat stick. Apparently it’s 90 calories, but I don’t really know what calories are, but I assume someone reading this does. Is that a lot for a piece of chocolate? I just find I am not satiated by a single stick. I need a whole bar! WHERE ARE THE OTHER THREE PIECES?! Oh yeah, in my mouth.

Paper Stalker!

Agh! Why are people so crazy?!
I am in charge of developing a newsletter for my organization since we’ve never had one before, and a few weeks ago I got a quote from our normal printing company on the price of printing a whole crapload of newsletters. All was well, OR SO I THOUGHT!
Somehow, out of the blue, this random old guy who owns a printing company calls me and asks if I’d like a quote on some printing.
“I might be able to send you some information on that,” I tell him, because I don’t know if we go through a major printing company.
I then ask uor Marketing Director, and yes, we already have a printer, and I should tell him thanks, but no thanks.
Tuedsay comes and he calls about TEN TIMES ( I don’t answer because I am trying to think of a nice way to let him down) and won’t just LET IT GO that I didn’t email him.
Then today one of the Admin Assistants comes into my office and is like, “Mr. so-and-so is here to see you from the ____ Printing Company.”
I emailed this guy yesterday saying, thanks, but we actually already have a printing company, so his services aren’t needed.


I thought that once you say no to someone, that it meant, hey, I appreciate your office, but I’ll pass. I didn’t think it meant, “COME ON DOWN TO MY OFFICE AND TRY TO CONVINCE ME THAT YOUR PAPER IS SOMEHOW SUPERIOR TO ANYONE ELSE’S!!!”


So I just had to stand around and let him schpiel about how bitchin’ his prices were and how we can keep the other company we use “honest” by telling them that we might switch printing companies.

Little did I know that the world of printing was like a covert op. out of a James Bond movie.

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