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The Dog Park, Y’all!

Three words: BIG ASS DOG!

Baby Zelda had a blast scootin’ around!

Winston met a little jack russel terrier buddy!

There’s nothing like the ears of a pug flapping like little wings when they run…although it doesn’t seem to make them go any faster…

This boston terrier was pretty fly. She wouldn’t even let anyone throw the ball, she just sat around gloating the whole time.

This is pretty much the expression that Winston makes the whole time we’re at the park.

A lovely little frenchie named Lola.

Winston, looking to the future. So masculine. It’s like he’s in a Calvin Klein ad.


On another note, do your dogs go absolutely bat shit crazy after a bath?  I don’t know if its the fact that they just got out of the tub or what, but Winston and Zelda are INSANE after a bath.  It’s like there’s this regular, average level of humping that Winston tries to do on a daily basis to Zelda, but then after a bath he takes it up a notch and pretty much tries to make a porno with her after getting out of the tub.

So this leaves two options…

1) Average, sane dogs that smell


2) Insane dogs that smell nice

Either way, one of them is getting punched.

Punched with love, of course.

Winston’s progress over the past year:

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It’ll get you every time!

First of all…HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY!
I’m not Irish, but this tiny hat I bought at the dollar store makes me Irish….for today anyhow.
And now onto today’s news:
Winston loves to poop when he arrives at obedience school. I don’t know why. I mean, I’d LIKE to know, but it’s this clockwork thing I can’t seem to break. We’re currently at a 100% pooping at obedience school rating. FOUR OUT OF FOUR!
Maybe it’s the flooring.

Maybe it’s because he’s excited.

Maybe it’s the rather large woman who teaches the class…

I don’t know. Today was special for me though because I had to change the dog food YET AGAIN. I am seriously going to shank someone. On Friday morning, I woke up to the glorious sight of BOTH dogs vomiting on the bed. They have puked at least once every fourteen days because of their food. Every time it’s at least 8 hours after they’ve eaten, and the food isn’t digested at all. I don’t know what it is, but they never barfed with any of their other food, so I had to make the hard call of axing the specially made food.
I even tried a few different flavors in hopes that this might help, but alas, they barfed up pork just the same as the duck and turkey.
I did more research and decided to try Natural Balance dog food. I bought the allergy formula, hoping that it wouldn’t make them barf. They seemed to like the taste of duck a lot too, so I figure they ought to like this stuff. We did a little test run last night with a very small amount, and they seemed to like it. Winston is a little biatch when it comes to dog food. I’ve never met a finicky pug, but here he is! I mixed kibble (mashed up) with some of the canned stuff, and he kind of picked at it, and then left it. Then came back when Zelda tried to eat it for him.
I hope to sweet heaven that he’ll actually eat this stuff, otherwise I’m going to be stuck making my own food for them, because I am against the B.A.R.F. diet, at least for pugs. Pugs were bred as companion animals. I’ve never heard of a wild pug actually killing it’s own food and devouring it, so I’m not about to feed them raw chicken or turkey. Also, if you were coming up with a name for a dog diet, or ANY food for that matter, why on earth would you call it BARF? Yeah, that makes me about as hungry as being offered a big turd to eat.

On a lighter note, I managed to find a hula hoop this week! WHY IS THIS SO EXCITING?!?@! Because I taught Winston how to jump through a hoop last week in obedience class and I want to make sure he retains this skill, as I would like to show it off! The trainer said he’d be really good in agility since he listens really well, and I think that would just be the beez kneez! I love when the chubby little dogs get to actually do this kind of stuff. I always look for them when I’m at the Stampede watching SUPER DOGS!
Anyhow, really isn’t the next step lighting the hoop on fire over a pond of angry sumo wrestlers ?! Awesome. I wish it was. You have no idea.
Winston was actually kind of a little bastard at obedience class today. He wouldn’t even sit for me, which is his signature move! PUGS LOVE TO SIT!!! WHY AREN’T YOU SITTING FOR ME?!?!
We did some rally-o stuff to, which was during the portion of the class where he wasn’t listening, which was kind of embarassing to be honest! I’m thinking, “COME ON DUDE! I KNOW YOU ARE A HUNDRED TIMES SMARTER THAN ALL THESE JERKS!” Oh well! At least he didn’t take a big shit while we were doing that!
He was a pretty good boy after that though. Some sissy dog tried to eat his face, but he stepped up with a big “WOOWOO!” and scared that dog off. Good boy Winston, good boy!

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