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Pre-Wedding Photos

So as I said, here are some photos from my friend’s wedding day. Well, okay, these are photos of me, but as soon as I load the other ones you’ll see them!

I took some time out to give Winston and Zelda lots of kisses:
And then Steve and I did a little photo shoot:

I don’t know what it is with us and making the “Warrick” face from CSI, but I think that we think we look like models when we do. Maybe we’re just not “ambi-posers” for serious photos!

We have the best stuff around here.

Steve just handed me a pamphlet on llamas. This photo wasn’t in the brochure, but it sure kicks ass.

Why do we have a pamphlet on llamas, you might be asking yourself. BECAUSE WE ARE AWESOME.

This pamphlet was full of glorious llama information. Actually, the woman who bred Winston also breeds llamas! I love it! Pugs and llamas…I am seriously in heaven. Okay okay, if you added sloth I would have to just abandon everything and move in with all those animals, but it’s *probably not going to happen.

I’d like to share some notes about llamas with you.

Did you know llamas are good therapy pets? This info packet says that llamas make good house pets. Uhhhh… last time I checked I couldn’t fit another dog in my house, let alone a llama.
I will say that if a mini-llama existed, I’d be all over it like a PMS-ing woman on chocolate. Look at how sweet they are!!! So majestic!

The pamphlet also says “Llamas are easy to like and live with. They quickly become an integral part of your life and lifestyle until you wouldn’t have it any other way!”

I wish llamas were in my life so much that I’d be all like, “WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE LLAMAS AT, YO?! I AM EXPERIENCING A SEVERE LLAMA DROUGHT UP IN HERE!!!”

Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll have to start riding llamas instead of driving cars….yes….I like it.

Anyhow, as I look through the pamphlet, it really doesn’t have that much information other than general “Llamas are totally bitchin’!” stuff. I like that someone took the time to make a little pamphlet though.

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