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On losing a limb

I like the way you people think.

That’s why I have yet another question for you. You people are my heroes.

I was sitting in a burrito shop yesterday on Robson with Steve, watching the parade of people that passed by, as we usually like to do. Generally we will see the odd hobo here and there, and the odd plastic surgery nightmare. It makes for good times.

Yesterday we were watching at the window when I see this indie chick and presumably her boyfriend? walk by. As people watching is a quick, highly skilled occupation, I am quick to look, and quick to look away.

But I stop myself.

Is that man’s arm around his lady?

Wait…that looks like a kid’s hand…

Wait…this girl has a BABY HAND.

Now, I know there are people out there who have one deformed hand, or both, and that’s not really what my post is about.

What I am wondering is, what would you do if you had one small, or deformed hand? Does anyone know someone who does?

I just wonder if the “tiny” hand is of any use? Can you grab stuff with it? Can you even reach your own mouth? This made me think that if I had a small hand, that I might consider lopping it right off, that is, if it was of no use.

Then again, I pose another question. Does it disturb you to see someone with a deformity like that? I hate to say it, but it kind of creeps me out. I am a totally accepting person, but the baby hand thing really gives me the shivers.

Wait, now that I think about it, there’s this kid that’s on “the scene” in Calgary who has a little baby hand I think…Steve, do you know the kid I’m talking about? He actually takes photos for his myspace page of his little hand displayed prominently in front of things like a display of apples. He always shakes hands with the little hand, too. I think the shock value that the guy gets from that is totally funny though. He knows it’s an odd thing to see a deformity like that, and he puts it RIGHT in your face.

Is it just easier to look at someone with no hand, rather than a little baby hand? Does the baby hand have the strength of a “regular” hand? What about when the hand comes straight out of the shoulder? Is that really functional??

And, yes, these are the things I think of on a Monday morning.

Demented Dimensions

Let’s talk about Dimensions! I was watching Steve angrily play a game of Golden Axe on the Wii, and I got to thinking about dimensions. I can’t remember how I brought it up, but I have always been under the impression that the first dimension exists strictly in two directions–one or the other. Back and forth, but with no further direction. Say for instance, that you are playing sonic the hedgehog.

Sonic can only move in two directions, forward and back. He can’t move within the scenery. Though the scenery behind him would suggest that there are two dimensions. Now, two dimensions has usually meant to me, drawing something to look 3-dimensional on paper. But now as I discuss that, I learn that paper itself is a 3-dimensional object!

I was under the impression that if the “idea” of space was indicated, but not existent, that it was two dimensional. Such is how I thought of Golden Axe, because the characters can move around, back and forth, but also side to side, although no indication of dimension is indicated by anything like light/shadow…
I finally got to looking up what was going on with all the crazy dimensions. Let’s look at this diagram:

The dot is considered the zero dimension. It has no height or width. There’s literally “nothing to it.”
The line is the first dimension. It has height. Up and down.
The square has height and width, so it is the second dimension.
The cube is the third dimension is the cube. It has height, width, and depth.
The messed up part is the fifth shape, which I can’t remember the name for. Anyhow, it’s the fourth dimension, which consists of height, width, depth, and time.

TIME?! How the hell do you draw time?!

Did you know that theorists claim up to ELEVEN dimensions?!

Science is crazy!

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