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Happy Howl-o-ween!




Lost Pug!

This guy was lost in Calgary a few days ago. Amanda sent me an email about this, and posted it on her blog as well. Please pass this along to anyone who might have information on where Sunny has gone.

Name: Sunny
Species: Dog (Canine) Sex: Male
Size / Weight: Medium / 27.0 lbs Date of Birth: Dec 12, 2003
Coat Type: Short Smooth Coat Pattern: Bicolor
Coat Colors: Black / White Tail Type: Curled
Breed: 100% Pug
Declawed: No
Identification: Municipal: 319450 (Municipal)
Visible Markings: his chest is white and is right paw is white, the rest is black. He is licensed but not wearing his tag.
Date Lost: Jun 11, 2007
Last Seen: (McDougall Rd NE) Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Reward: $500.00
Circumstances: He ran outside a head of us to go to the bathroom (he was really really sick) and within five minutes he had disappeared. He has never run away before.

If Found Please Contact:
Lisa Peters

Longing is…

Having your favorite pink hippo on the floor and seemingly no way of getting to it. Luckily for you, you can manipulate your mommy into actually picking it up and giving it back to you.

Winston’s progress over the past year:

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You say it’s yor birthday…

Get ready for a lot of birtday photos. A LOT. I took so many that my camera ran out of juice at the pug meetup yesterday!

So yesterday I got up early with Steve to give Winston all the little gifts we got him for his 1st birthday!
First up, a grumpy kitty from Fat Cat Inc.! He promptly pranced around with his new angry kitty.
Then I bought him “Heave a Beaver,” since I think we should all make more of an effort to heave beavers. Go out and heave a fresh beaver today!
Then I thought I’d attempt to buy him a giant plastic donut because it looked pretty delicious, and it might stop him from chewing on old popsicle sticks. As you can see he developed the infamous “lazer eye” from getting really excited.
Then I got him an old favorite: the small tennis ball.
He also pranced for a few minutes around the house with that in his mouth.
Then the dogs dropped everything for a good old fashioned game of “I am gonna beat the crap out of you!”
For a while, it looked like Zelda was in the lead…
She had him pinned and he didn’t know which way was up!
But he won. Oh yes. He won.

And I saw the celebratory humping session to prove it!
Winston would also like to send out a special thank you to Meimei and Miko, who saved up their pennies and bought Winston some pretty sweet toys that I’ll blog about later!


Happy Birthday to my little Winston bear!!! You are one year old today!

More to come!

Too Cute for Words!

The wittle nose, the wittle branch, the cute little look…I’m in love!

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