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A Typical Day…

Ooooooh, yes, yes, y’all, look who got her connector cable!!!

I figure I’d better keep in time with the events I’ve seen, so my first set of photos are those from the NAKED PROTEST!

Just to refresh your memory, I was hanging out on the street in front of a store where Steve’s mom was shopping, when we all hear a bunch of bike bells and “wooooooo!!!!”. I look to my left, and see this, about to head down in our direction…

“Are all those people naked?!”
“What are they protesting?”

I guess they were actually protesting driving, but again, I couldn’t really tell you what getting naked has to do with it.

In this photo, we can see that the older gentleman in the middle is quite happy about having his photo taken in the buff:
The rest of the photos you can really just click to enlarge the glory, and choose your favorite person out of the protest. If you enlarge this one, you’ll see that a very old man chose to “shave up” for the day. You know what? I would shave up as well!
Here’s Steve, looking rather excited about the whole experience. Some random naked guy invited me to join them, but clearly I was much too overdressed for the occasion.
You’ll notice that a lot of the women are just topless. I think that’s because a lady’s junk probably looks all crazy when it’s on a bike. Actually, I thought a dude’s junk would look crazy when it was all spread over a bicycle seat, but it wasn’t that bad!
This one is my favorite because Steve’s brother was taking a photo of Steve and his mom in front of the nudity, so they are posing really nicely, but really come on, we all know the star of this photo is the gentleman in the baseball hat riding the old-timey bike WHILE in an air boot cast.
Apparently there’s some naked jog down Wreck Beach later this month, but I think I’ve seen enough “business” for one year…maybe.

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