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Memories Monday

Here’s Winstons when he was really little! Eight weeks! I think at this point he was 5 pounds. He’s now 6 months old and a wonderous 18.8 pounds!
I love love love my little Winston to death. He’s the best pet I’ve ever owned. He has the best attitude I’ve ever seen. Whenever I’m not feeling great, he’s always there to give me kisses. I’ve also never seen an animal so excited when I come home. It’s as if he’s saying, “OH!!! YOU’RE HOME! THANK GOODNESS! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! HOORAY!!!! FUN TIMES AND AWESOME FORCES!!!!”

Memories Monday

I like this photo a lot because it looks like my niece is all like, “What the hell?! What am I doing out in the world?!”

When my niece was born I couldn’t even hold her because I was crying so hard. I pretty much knew I was going to cry though because any time I see “A Baby Story” on TLC, or anything like that I pretty much am always bawling. I get all, “LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL!!!!! WAAAAAAAH!”

This is also a gem because Sidney looks like, “Eyyyyyy, I’ma baby!”

Now here she is today with Uncle Steve!

Super model posing! SO ATTRACTIVE!

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