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Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with dog-gone good times! Saturday was the pug meetup Valentine’s Day party! Zelda got to spend some time with her sexy date, the Duke!

He was looking pretty good in his pimped-out harness. I was disappointed though because I forgot my camera!!! Dang! There are a few pictures up on Amanda’s blog if you want to catch a glimpse of the lovely little outfits I had Winston and Zelda in!

I got a free consultation with Sylvia Jay, an inter-species life coach who cooks and sells organic dog food from her home. I wanted to ask her about proper nutrition for the pugs and how I could help them lose weight. Since Amanda’s dog Miko is the sister of Zelda, I have a good reference point for her weight, but Winston isn’t so easy! He is overweight, and Zelda is a little bit too, so I asked Sylvia for advice. She checked the label of the brand of dog food I switched the pugs to a few weeks ago (Deli Fresh) and she noticed that there were a lot of grains in the recipe. This is actually something that can make pugs chubby! Since I’m spending about the same on dog food from the store, I figured that I might as well change food to something REALLY healthy and organic for the pups. We also discussed treats and what to give the dogs instead of fatty treats like Milkbone treats. She suggested that I try giving the dogs freeze-dried liver treats because it’s pure meat. I stopped by Pisces Pet Emporium today and found some. The funny part was that the sales clerk told me that they didn’t sell anything freeze-dried. HAZAA, MR. 16 YEAR OLD SALES CLERK! HAZAA!
Anyhow, the treats are going over really well so far! She also suggests that pugs eat smoked marrow bones. They are digestible and healthy for pugs, so it won’t make them chubby! One note of caution though: they can get messy and are stinky. I don’t generally eat meat, so the smell is a little bit tough to take at times, but if you don’t mind the smell of smoked meat, you won’t mind smoked bones. I was giving them Moo brand bully sticks, but Winston kept swallowing them really quickly when they were only half-eaten. This means they were dragging down his throat. Not good! I reccoment Moo! or Oink! bully sticks to anyone with a smaller pug as Zelda LOVES them. They don’t leave a mess like rawhide, and they don’t smell like marrow bones do.

This morning I got up at 7am to go to the AKC Dog show! I had to get up this early with Steve so that we could see the pugs! It was a rough go, especially on the weekend, but we were pretty pumped to see a dog show. It took me a while to find a reasonable setting for my camera to take photos in the building we were in, so the best pug photo I got was just this one of one of the pugs who was in the competition:

Her name was Chili and she was quite the cute pug as you can see!

After the pugs we had a while to wait to see some of the other breeds that we were interested in, so we walked around to check out the different breeds. I don’t know what this breed is, but it was a pretty cute pup:

This is a lovely little French Bulldog. She won yesterday, but not today. She DID win best puppy today though. I like this photo because this pup looks like a Robot dog! Sadly I couldn’t get any good photos in the ring of the Frenchies because it was pretty dark. What I found out was that the woman in this photo is actually one of the only French Bulldog breeders in Alberta, which is good to know in case I’d like to add one to the family someday! (Kara has me hooked on her Frenchies!)

She is actually one of the last breeders/dog handlers who handles her own dogs. The older gentleman sitting next to Steve during the Frenchie judging was telling Steve how much handlers make per day, and it is BANANAS! Handlers can make around $3,000 in three days for handling maybe 10 dogs! GOOD MONEY! And that’s the LOW end! I have to get into that!

Later on we tried to see the Bull mastiffs in show, but we were too late. We WERE in time to get this sexy shot:
These dogs are HUUUUUGE. I want to put a saddle on one and ride it around like a dog pony!

The next best show was the Bulldogs! This is the next type of breed we’re going to get, so it was nice to see a few different kinds. This was Harley, a beautiful male bulldog:

Steve was all about the bulldogs. He even got to take a photo with Harley:

As we were walking around, we spotted some other breeds relaxing in kennels, like the crazy Pommeranian:
And the pretty little Japanese Chins:

All in all it was a really neat experience. We only had to pay $5 to get in, which was EXTREMELY reasonable considering we paid $20 to get into the Tattoo Show back in the summer (which SUUUUCKED).

Also this weekend I found some sweet deals at Petcetera! I got a hillarious toque for Winston with bunny ears on it:
You too can make your dog look like a fool for the low, low price of $3!

I also found a cute little shawl for Zelda:
Pretty darn cute! She even pulled a little Cruella DeVille pose for me:
It’s the cutest little angry pug I’ve ever seen!

Pretty fun weekend all together!

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