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Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

What. What.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well, everyone in Canada. The US peeps have to wait another month for some turkey, or in my case, a LOT of sweet potatoes.

Why do the three-day weekends go by so fast? I could use another, oh, HUNDRED days off. In fact, let’s all just take the rest of the year off, okay? Good.

I finally got a lot of reading done, which is a really big accomplishment for me. I tend to feel guilty about reading when I’m at home because I think that I should be playing with the dogs or something. Or cleaning. Or doing about 50 other things that involve making my apartment more tidy and organized.

The apartment never seems to get any more organized though…

Anyhow, I have about ten books I would like to read, and I put a good dent in at least one of them! I love coffee shop reading! LOVE IT. I enjoy it about UMPTEEN times more now that there are so many coffee shops near me that are not STARBUCKS.

Love you SB, but really, we spent three years together, and frankly, I can out-barista any of your employees.

Oh, and a highlight of the weekend? Walking down Robson and seeing a GIANT turd, which Steve and I decided was human, and then we get maybe ten feet from it when this hobo on a bench yells out “IT WAS ME! HAHAHAHA!!!!” and then I realize that this man has PEED HIS PANTS but somehow managed to get his pants down to take a poop in an alley. GO FIGURE.

Also? Lightweight umbrellas with deer sihlouettes are my new favorite thing in the world. If you ever move here, you need a lightweight umbrella because rain manages to START AND STOP ALL THE TIME without any warning because it’s cloudy about 90% of the time. I add the deer sihlouettes because I bought the most AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL umbrella in the world last weekend to carry in my purse. LOVE THE RAIN. LOVE UMBRELLAS. LOVE RAIN BOOTS. More specifically, I love the fact that the Blenz coffee shop by my apartment has HEATED OUTDOOR SEATING!!! Excuse me while I lounge around in warmth outside at a coffee shop in mid-October. This would be UNHEARD of in Calgary.

And there are still GREEN LEAVES. I AM IN A DREAM WORLD!!!

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