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Working with Animals

I guess I should clarify now that I’m back on track. Around the beginning of March my two bosses called all of the employees in (all 3 of us) and said that the business was doing shitty. They might have to shut down.
Then they had a private meeting with each of us.
My meeting consisted of me being told that because I was Admin, I was a luxury and didn’t bring any money in.
*Even though I billed all of the clients. And made sure the bills were paid. And rounded up slow-paying clients.*
So because I didn’t technically put in any “billable” time.
I either had to accept the offer of working one to two days a week (NOT POSSIBLE) or I had to find a new job.
So I found a new job.
And I guess I shouldn’t describe it as an animal shelter because technically we don’t have a shelter. But we work with animals and help people pay emergency vet bills and try to keep animals out of the circus, rodeo, etc. That’s probably all I ought to say about it because we all know what happened when I was too forthcoming with job info on my blog.
Now I work with 4 dogs, which is pretty nice. I get to take breaks to pet and walk dogs instead of writing invoices. I can get used to this! I even got to bring the pugs to work with me already. That ended up being a bit much as the dogs were on sensory overload from smelling so many smells from other dogs. Or maybe it’s because Winston peed on 5 things. Either way, I’m glad there’s a carpet cleaner here.

I got a new job, PHEW TO THE MAX

Hey dudes. FEAR NOT, for a I got a new job. Let us all rejoice. I got a job with an animal shelter, so I get to work with dogs in the office. Pretty sweet.
I may get to bring my dogs to work every few days or so, but first we must test to see if they get along with the other office dogs. Which might not go so well since Zelda doesn’t like big dogs all that much.
BUT, at least I got a new job. That I am happy about.
Now I have to quit the current almost laid off job. Bleh!

Well, I got partially laid off

That’s right, I am going to be half laid off in two weeks. Which means I have two weeks to find either another part time job, or I need to find a full time job.
At first I wanted to puke, now I think it might be a really good opportunity to pursue something else. Though I might have an interview with another design firm. Which would probably be the same. But I will hopefully find something with a boss that’s a little less anal. That would be nice.
How are all of you? I’m sorry I’m not back to 100% blogging, but the stress of all of this layoff stuff has made my stomach and digestive system a war-zone, and indigestion and bad poops don’t make me want to blog! Wait, poop sort of does, but I don’t really want you to know the consistency of my poop, and I doubt you want to know that much about my life!
I’ve got a few prospects though, so I’m excited, one of which is an animal shelter. Don’t worry, it’s not the one that jerked me around last year. Oh brother, thank goodness it’s not that one.
Though I will say that one nonprofit called me “overqualified.” But they still want to interview me, which is good.
I still feel pretty sick about all of this. It’s a tough thing, a layoff, and I’m not even fully laid off. However, I was told I am the least valuable because I don’t bring in any billable time, which is pretty insulting. Yes, I love being the office bitch, can I please do the dishes every week?! AWESOME.
Hopefully I get to do something more meaningful, and hopefully someone wants to pay me full time for it.
I hope none of you have been laid off. God it’s so awful. Even Steve got laid off. These are some seriously rough times dudes.

Mad about Desk Jobs

It might just be me, but I find that I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time, or rather wasting away when I have to sit at a desk all day. It’s not like I’m not getting things done while I’m at my desk, I guess my mind just gets a little uptight and anxious when I have to sit all day. Which just happens to be 5 days a week.
There are really pros and cons to both customer service jobs and desk jobs, and I just think it’s the individual that decides which is more interesting for them. Not that we’re all working in the industry that we’d like to be anyhow, but I think we all know which we prefer.
Though I will say that with so many pros and cons to each side of the coin, it’s sort of hard for me to say which I prefer. I miss working in customer service because as much as there are terrible, TERRIBLE customers out there, at least I was DOING something all day. Except the slow periods. That shit was the WORST.
And then there are the pros of office work. I get to dress nicely, I get my own computer, I have instant access to the internet, and I don’t have to deal with those shitty customers.
But I think it’s maybe the solitude that I dislike. Not that I am really alone. I guess it’s more being alone in a room full of other people. It sort of feels unnatural. Like when you’re in junior high on a date and you think you’re supposed to hold hands but you’re so nervous your hands get all cold and sweaty, and then you just end up going the entire date without touching. Oh how I don’t miss those days! But then again, no one should go on a date in jr high. Unless you want to practice failing at a lame relationship. Which I did!
I guess it could also be the type of office job you have. I tend not to produce anything tangible, so I never see my work, which makes me feel like I am not contributing, when really, I look after the whole office, so that’s a lot of work.
The fear for me comes when I think that I’ll end up at a desk the rest of my life and it will never amount to anything substantial in society. But is that really what it’s going to take to make me happy? I don’t know. I know I’ve had some really rewarding days in nonprofit organizations, but I’ve also learned a lot about graphic design. Enough to know that I likely should have gone to school for it, but would I really want to step back into school now and get yet another degree? Not really. A Masters? Eh. Not unless it was somehow in something I could really call my own, because clearly they don’t offer Masters in nonprofit.
It seems like the first step is always the most difficult one to make.

I don’t think I like toofies THAT much


So a dental office called me and wants to interview me. They don’t want to pay me more than I make now though, and frankly, do I want to work in a place that smells like teeth all day?  I don’t think I do.  Now if they wanted to pay me like $21 an hour to learn about teeth, okay, I’m in, but pfffft, what’s the point of having to do MORE work (is that possible?!) for less money??

Okay, frankly I can tell by the tone of my own post that I don’t want to work in a dental office.  That was pretty easy!

Now if another of the like fourty jobs I’ve applied to would call me (okay okay, 30 of them I applied to last night) I’d maybe have some nice choices!

I’ll just have to call the dental office back and be like, “yeah, no toofies for me, thanks!”

White Flag!

Okay, well, while I am home today again, I felt it is time to fess up.
I am not a big fan of my occupation.
I was somewhat thrust into an area of nonprofit that I didn’t want to be. This is the area of nonprofit that clearly has people making the most money, but I am not having any fun.
With Vancouver on the horizon (96 days!) I am seriously considering what I want to do for a profession. The nonprofit sector is pretty enormous out there, so there are a range of jobs available. All I know is, when it comes down to it, money is not my top priority. I have some breathing room as far as that goes, which is nice. What I would like is, if I have to be at a desk all day, I want to actually be DOING SOMETHING ALL DAY. I like being busy, it makes me feel like I am actually being productive. I am willing to seriously take a job that has more to do, and pays up to $15,000 less if I won’t have to think about ripping my hair out of my head just for something to do.
I am even willing to step out of the sector for this.
With the Olympics coming in a few years, I could probably do something for the Olympic committee in Vancouver, and since I’m the first in my faculty to move out there, I have a good case. Maybe the Vancouver Aquarium? I think I would really love an animal rescue organization as well. BCSPCA? Love love love. Who knows, I might even end up working at a doggie hotel.
I just want to feel productive!!!! Agh.
All I know is, I don’t want to crawl out of bed every day to a job I hate.
Anyone else feel like this?

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