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So I had Japanese again tonight, and I was partnered with a guy who had as much personality as maybe:

or maybe:

Wait, I take it back. At least the sand has character.

It’s pretty much the worst thing to be paired with someone who seems absolutely disinterested in learning. I mean, I don’t particularly like being partnered up with someone I don’t know, but if it makes me speak better, okay. The least you can do is make conversation. This guy basically made me want to shoot myself in the face.

This is not the most annoying person in the class though, oh no. The most annoying guy is this teenage dude who insists on pronouncing about 1/2 second LATER than everyone else in the class, and pronounces all the words WRONG. DEAD WRONG. He also has one of those voices that carries. I’ve decided to give him one hard karate chop to the neck. That ought to keep him from talking.

On a similar note, I was looking for a “learn Japanese” clip on youtube, and instead I found this gem of a video on how to teach Japanese people English (yes, it is safe for work):

I’m not sure how aerobics helps teach Japanese women being mugged to speak English, but I’m not sure I DISlike it…



That’s Japanese for January! Hoorayness!

I am learning. Slowly, but surely I have been studying my text all week. I’ve managed to retaint a fair amount of information on how sentences are put together in Japanese DESPITE my obvious stupidity over not always remembering the exact definitions for things like verbs and adjectives. I admit that I obviously somehow wanted to make my life harder when I was older by not listening in my Elementary school Language Arts classes. What was I thinking?! I am an adult and I can’t remember what a fucking verb is! This also makes it a lot harder for me to understand what the tits my Japanese textbook is talking about! How ridiculous is it that someone with an honors degree (haha, MRC, I’m still graduating with honors!!!) doesn’t remember the definition for verbs!
I made myself a study sheet though, so at least I don’t feel quite as frustrated while I read my text.

Also, I found a site that will change your name into Japanese! Look at mine!!!

I colored it up a little to pump up the awesome factor. Please note that in Japanese my name is pronounced “Rooren,” instead of its normal pronnunciation. I love it.

Like a Japanese Cowboy…

I am currently still studying the maybe 20 words I learned on Tuesday night and am still having trouble remembering what the tits I do to put all of them together! Also, since my sensei wants us to learn a little Japanese writing as well, I have been practicing my letters!

Here we have “a”, which is pronounced “ah.”

Looks easy enough to write, right?


For some reason I can’t write this letter! WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME, OH BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGE?!?!!?

I think I’ve written “a”, at least 40 times, and I still don’t have it! Blast those three lines and my chimp-like inability to write them!

I’m going to practice some more!

I’m learning Japanese so that I can watch stuff like this more often:レイザーラモン


and this:

I’m turning Japanese!

Well, okay, not completely, but hell yes tonight I FINALLY started JAPANESE!!!!

There was an interesting crowd present. There are about fifteen people in the class. Two dads with their sons, two older couples taking the class together. A woman in her forties who always looks like she’s shocked to be ANYWHERE, and the rest are dudes who are probably taking Japanese so that they will be able to masturbate to Hentai without having to read those pesky subtitles.

That’s right. I am the only girl in her twenties. Le sigh.

As per my usual ways, I sat at the front of the room. My sensei is so little. I’d go so far as to say “wittle.” She’s so wittle!

I learned some complicated terms this evening. It’s quite apparent that Japanese is VERY difficult for white people. I’ve never heard so many pronunciations of the same word in my life!

Overall, this class kicks insane amounts of ass. I love it!

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