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Zelda is currently freaking out with tiny whining noises beside me because I am sitting next to a box full of $100 of dog treats.

Why am I sitting next to $100 of treats?

I guess I entered some contest on Modern Dog’s website and managed to actually win! Wooo!

I was looking for boxes to pack stuff in, and my mom had left me some outside on our porch a few days ago. I looked outside hoping that the magical box fairy had dropped something off for me, and HEY HEY, there was a box outside kind of off to the side.

When I crawled past my porch swing and picked up the box, it was full of something.

Maybe it was the collages I ordered from Etsy?

I opened the box and BLAMO! A box stuffed full of treats!

I guess it’s going to be a good day for Winston and Zelda. Well, except for the fact that they can now smell the treats and are in “bitch until she gives us the whole box of treats” mode.

I’d better go hide them!

When I’m thirsty, I like a nice glass of cold sweat!

So I went to this Asian supermarket in my city for the first time recently. It’s basically the best thing to happen to supermarkets since bread. I found a nice bottle of sweat there. WITH IONS. Because sweat with ions just tastes better.

I also bought some delicious Haw Flakes. What are Haw Flakes, you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA.

For the Hello Kitty lover in all of us (or maybe it’s just me and a billion Asians), I bought some CRAZY DELICIOUS coconut animal crackers shaped like Hello Kitty and friends. I swear that these are the most delicious little cracker things I’ve ever had. The packaging is so cute I didn’t even want to eat the crackers. Love it!
And here is something I saw in a bento box. They are chocolate marshmallows! WTF!!! They are reasonably good, but nothing to write home about.
Okay, this isn’t food, but it’s still fantastic. In fact, this label is on my fridge because i like the sponge so much. It’s basically a magic sponge, but without Mr. Clean, and WITH A FANTASTIC JAPANESE CHARACTER!

And some lovely delicious JUBES of delicious strawberry. yumyumyumyumyum!!!

I got some other sweet scores too. It’s nice to shop at a more ethnic supermarket and get some really good treats!

Let them eat cake!

So Winston was pretty excited to eat some cake.

“Hey, Zelda, get your damn party hat on!”
He posed briefly for a photo session with his birthday hat on. As you can see, he absolutely LOVES having a hat on.
Steve even tried to get him excited about the hat, but he refused.
Anyhow, after we laughed at him in a hat for a good five minutes, we lit the candle and sang him happy birthday! I thought he might snort the candle into his nose or something, so I just blew it out. He still remained stoked at the prospect of trying to eat a whole cake.
We put the cake down on a pee pad and let ‘er rip. I’ve never seen him look so insane. Seriously. He was scarfing down this cake like he was never going to eat again. EVER.
He let Zelda eat with him for a brief time before he freaked out at her for eating a tablespoon of cake.
They licked all of the peanut butter first, and then got down to some serious cake eating.
They got cake all over their smooshy little faces!
Here’s where Winston freaked out and wouldn’t let Zelda eat any cake. I had to cut Zelda a piece of her own cake!
Winston stuck to his method of eating around the entire cake.
and eating, and eating, and eating….
Zelda decided to move her cake onto the floor and eat it from there.
She finished her cake and I had to eventually take the cake away from Winston even though he was still eating it pretty heavy duty.

How to bake a doggie birthday cake!

For Winston’s 1st barkday I made him an extra special birthday cake made from all doggie safe ingredients. I thought maybe some of you may want to try baking a cake for your dog some time, so I thought I’d post the recipe that I found online:

Mix 1 cup flour and 1 teaspoon baking soda.
Add in 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1/4 cup cooking oil, 1 cup shredded carrots, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/3 cup honey and 1 egg.
As you can see, the dogs patiently awaited the arrival of any morsels that hit the floor. Because they like to help out like that.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes in a greased pan.
Flip it out of the pan and let cool.
Mash up cottage cheese in a food processor for frosting.
I also had bought an icing kit for the vegan cupcakes I was going to make, so I attempted to use peanut butter as icing to decorate the top. If you do this, I warn you that peanut butter will get EVERYWHERE, and it’s not easy to get off of your hands, or the icing tube…or anything for that matter!

VOILA! A delicious doggie cake for all to enjoy! Well, except humans…

I let Steve guest star for a session of “LMizzle, don’t eat it!”, so look for that review later!

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