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Back in Business!

I’m baaaaaack! Hoorayness! I finally managed to get my new laptop! It blows that I had to buy a new one, but I shouldn’t have to buy a new one again for another four years or so. I’m sure Apple will come out with something even more amazing that I’ll want to buy but don’t really need. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!

So I guess luckily it snowed last night, so I had to keep my huge ass boobs under a sweater today. Who knew some cleavage could cause such a ruckus?! I didn’t hear anything from my boss today, so I figured that she thought my boobs were under control.

I am pretty tired of my job though. My mom ended up finding out second hand that I’m looking to move to Vancouver with Steve, and she and my step-dad are on a high horse, assuming that I don’t know that my job pays me a ridiculous amount of money. Yes, I DO get it, but that’s not the point. If all I wanted was money, I’m sure I’d be extremely happy about my job, but in all truth, I hate the atmosphere of an office setting. I don’t like sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day. I’d rather be on the front line, actually helping people. That’s why I got a degree in nonprofit management! I want to make a difference, not sit inside all day. I know my job is important, and that my workplace couldn’t operate as effectively without me, but it doesn’t really give me anything “back.” I honestly think I could be happier making minimum wage at a pet store! Ha! Oh well, we’ll see what happens in July when I have to look for a Vancouver job!

Anyhow, Zelda is whining a ton, so I gots some puppy play time to have!

What I should wear to work tomorrow:

What do we think?! LET’S GET OFFENSIVE!!!

Hit me with your best SHOT!

Cheeeck it out! I totally got one!!! I have joined the forces of people shooting their pets with tasty treats! I gotta say, these treats are not really all that interesting. I don’t think they taste that good either, but we’ll see in a later episode of LMizzle, don’t eat it. I think we’re about due for another one of those. I also bought some pumpkin treats to try, so I’m gonna be either having a great time, or getting the runs!
Anyhow, I found the Snackshotz treat gun in Petsmart and obviously had to try it out! As a quick review, I’d say don’t buy it. First of all, all of the treats smell the same, whatever flavor they are, and they’re the size of a penny. That means when you shoot them, they lay flat on the floor like a penny! They can’t even get the treat in their mouths! It’s pretty much a bust. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t wearing the silver glove…

Anyhow, I’d like your opinion on this matter. This morning I was wearing a deep v neck shirt, but I knew that it was too low cut, so I put a tank top over it. I thought I was lookin’ pretty fly. I went to talk to my boss about something and she busted out with, “Hey, you need to go like this…” and makes a pulling up motion with her shirt, and then says, “Yeah, because you need to keep the girls under control.”


Never in my LIFE have I been told that I need to keep my boobs “under control.” They’ve never been out of control, as far as I’ve seen! I’d like your opinions though, I took a photo of the shirt I was wearing:

This is exactly how I looked at work. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see any nipple, or even cleavage! I was also wearing fairly baggy khakis too. I spent the rest of the day pulling my shirt up and covering myself with a notebook when I had to talk to her to ensure I didn’t somehow flash a nipple or something even though I had two layers on!

The way she said it, it was like I was wearing this:
Nipple tassels, anyone?!

Let’s Talk About Boobs

Oh boobs. You have confused me for so long.

So Oprah does these shows where she talks about how women don’t know their breast size and I always mean to check up on my own bra size…then I forget.

Well lately the ladies have been hurtin’ up a storm, so I decided to make a grand quest across the internet to find my bra size.

Findin’ it ain’t easy!

I consulted a few websites about figuring out bra sizes and measured myself out a size. It certainly wasn’t the size of the bra I was wearing!

Oh boobs, what’s up with you?!

I had to go to buy some bras because it felt like I was suffocating in my shirt.

Weeeeell, the bra fitting at home didn’t give me quite the right size, but I just had to change the width, not the cup (which had also changed). VOILA! My boobs felt like they were home.

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