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Oooooooh baby


I am still ill, but I am not completely laid out like I was yesterday, so I am back to blogging! How is everyone?! Good?!

I currently sound like an old lady smoker getting ready to kick the bucket, but I really must admit I am better than yesterday. This is the worst I’ve been in SO LONG! AGH!

I’m pretty sure I got sick from stressing out. Thank goodness all the job crap Ill have to deal with is pretty much over. Now it’s a matter of countin’ down until I have to quit! Tee hee!

So yeah, I am not really ripe with stories to tell you since I haven’t been off the couch in about five days, but the sleep has done me good. The puppies have been by my side all week keeping me company, and I rewarded them this afternoon with some frozen beef broth cubes.

Winston has been barking a LOT, which I am going to have to work on. He’s also taken up pulling old paper towel out of the trash and eating it. Not so good. I think he’s just been bored with staying in the house all the time over the past few days, and just needs something to do. Perhaps I’ll teach him to play baseball…

In other news, I don’t want to get too excited, but I think we may have scored a totally unbelievable apartment in downtown Vancouver. I haven’t signed the lease yet (as we are sorting out details), but holy crap is it ever a nice apartment. I will explode with glee on here once it’s all signed and ready.


Today’s Home Remedy: Pineapple Juice!

Just so Amanda doesn’t think that I spend my days basking in the glory of pickles, I did manage to find another home remedy that works pretty nicely!

Pineapple juice!

Also good for sore throats. Best ingested after heating to a really nice, hot temp. The heat works to soothe, and the juice works to kill bacteria! Plus, pineapple juice tastes great. You really can’t lose!

Today I have managed to rid myself of a sore throat, however, I feel like I am going to cough every 3 minutes, and I am getting a nice sinus headache. All this AND I have to work at a casino that my workplace is holding. This is pretty much a “CAN’T BACK OUT!” kind of deal, so I am stuck working 8pm-3am!

Luckily, my boss said I don’t have to come to work tomorrow! Wohoo! That’s a bonus, considering I doubt that staying up until 3am with a cold will help me out!

I am woozy on cold medication. As such I will let you all know that I think the “Neverending Story” would have been at least 100X more awesome if they rode a giant pug instead of the fluff dragon. I still enjoy the fluff dragon though.

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