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A Pug Lover’s Christmas Wish List

On the advice of Goodboy Norman Featherstone’s Mom, I have made a list of the top things that any pug lover would enjoy this Christmas.  And I’m not talking cheesy, lame pug things.  I am talking about hip items for the every day pug owner who likes to show their love for all things pug:

A pug luggage tag.  Tired of never knowing which suitcases are yours?  Why not slam your luggage with pug-themed things?!  I think this is absolutely adorable, and I’d likely just clip it to my purse or something in an attempt to show my pug pride!


Or how about maybe a HUGE pug magnet for the fridge?  I love this, and I’m sure it would bring hours of entertainment to see my little puggies bark at this thing!

Or maybe these silver plated pug salt and pepper shakers will be your delight in the dining room?


Of course no pug lover can go without her antique pug necklace while she’s at all those Christmas parties!

Or if a classier version is more your style, check out this sterling silver, gold, or white gold bracelet.  I like the simple lines of the pug, and I think it makes wearing your pug pride look really beautiful, not cheesy.

Maybe you’re into a more casual pug love, eh?  How about this Pug Power t-shirt?  I own a t-shirt from this place and it’s really great.  Comfy, lots of colours to choose from, and pretty reasonably priced!

Maybe a fun and whimsical pug painting?  I love the tongue sticking out on this one!

My favourite item that I own and recommend is the Living With Pugs book. This book was highly recommended by my pal, Amanda, and is one of the nicest pug items I own. It’s a great coffee table book, and a really informative book on the breed. The photography of pugs in the book is to die for, it’s absolutely gorgeous as well.

Hopefully this gave you some good gift ideas for the pug lover in your life, or you know, since a lot of you like pugs, I mean, you can always pick something up for yourself, right?!

The Silver Lining

I was feeling pretty poops today because I am:

1) DEAD TIRED because Winston has taken up barking at EACH AND EVERY NOISE in the apartment halls. This is bad news because there’s a 20something dude living at the end of the hall, and so he’s standing out there sometimes at 1am on a weeknight talking and Winston is like, “CEASE AND DESIST, INTRUDER! I AM THE SMALL DOG WITH A BIG COMPLEX!!! WOOWOO!” and I’m like FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SHUT UP!!!!

2) Constantly harassed at work about fixing network issues because we have a really small server and people keep losing files and this isn’t even something I had in my job description but I am so young that i actually know how to network computers and this is the world’s longest sentence aaaaaah

Anyhow, I was likely just staring at my monitor when I got a box on my desk from AMANDA!!! I opened it to find some treats from the upcoming Pugoween, which I am SERIOUSLY SO SAD TO MISS!!! What a serious bummer. You have no idea how much fun it was last year. I miss all my puggy friends! So anyway, she sent a little care backage with the treats and some antler chews which are EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND IN VANCOUVER!!! I have been looking for them since I moved here, and no one even knows what the hell I am talking about! Agh!

She also put a little card in, which had one of the most sincerely cute spelling errors I have ever seen and it just made me feel a whole lot better about the day. Yes, the package was about dog stuff, but seriously, Amanda is such a great friend for taking the time to think of my pugs missing out on Pugoween. WE MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

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