Time Flies

Sometimes the weight of being an adult can be really tiring. For instance, my better half is currently working two jobs, which leaves me without help around the house. Which leaves me to clean, and cook, and take care of the dogs. That’s probably enough to fill the weeknights on a normal week. Add to that constant trips to the chiropractor for my crooked spine, grocery shopping trips, laundry, and the fact that this week not only is the parking garage being cleaned, but the dryer vents too. That means the dogs are coming to work with me tomorrow. That *should* be fine, but I am also too tired to deal with it if they go apeshit in the office. Hell, at this point I’d let them start a garbage fire in here.
Also add to that the fact that my medication makes me tired on a GOOD day, not to mention the very busy days I seem to have been having recently. Someone had better let me know if they develop a device that can stop time, because I’d like a month off.
Frankly all I want to do today is go home, have a nap, and rest on the sofa for the evening. Instead I have to run over to the parking lot by my house, pick up my car, drive it home, get the dogs their dinner, make my own dinner, go to the chiropractor, and then come back and make sure the apartment is clean because there are going to be some random duct-cleaning people in the apartment.
Maybe I should start napping under my desk.
Hopefully next week will be slower and I can just lay the hell down!

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