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Academy Award Time!

Sorry these posts include no photos, I am attempting to use a WordPress client at my desk to write posts during the week and sadly it doesn’t support photos! Boo. Looks like you’ll be enjoying a lot of words, even though I do loves me pictures!

Academy Award nominations came out this morning, and for the most part I didn’t really see many surprises. Kate Winslet for various movies, Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionare for a bevvy of categories. Then I scrolled down and noticed that somehow Robert Downey Jr. got nominated for his work in Tropic Thunder as Best Supporting Actor. This one sort of stumped me.

Okay, personally I thought Tropic Thunder was hilarious. Should RDJ be in the same category as Heath Ledger? Probably not. I also never thought I’d see the phrase “Academy Award Nominee Robert Downey Jr.” But I also never thought I’d see him in a popular movie. Though I also thought this about Johnny Depp, and he’s now filming the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie, so who am I to judge?!

I think the only films I’ve seen that are nominated for Best Picture were The Wrestler and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Both excellent movies, both worth a watch. I never manage to see all the films nominated, but I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed by watching a nominated film. Like last year when I watched No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood. I didn’t immediately think that I’d want to see either of those films, but they were both really excellent. If there are movies that have been nominated this year that maybe aren’t really your cup of tea, I challenge you to see those movies, because I think that the Best Picture category is always a pool of seriously wonderful movies.

I also would like to suggest that out of these movies, if you grew up in the 80s, you should see The Wrestler. Even if you don’t like wrestling. Okay, maybe you should like it a little, because, you know, they actually WRESTLE in the movie. I used to watch it with my dad all the time on the weekend and that’s one of my favorite memories about being a kid (seeing as my parents got divorced when I was 9).

Or maybe I just like watching grown men hug each other in spandex. Either way it’s a winner.

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