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London Fog is Falling Down

I am seriously having a rough time so far this week. Yesterday was my first day back at the office, and I managed to get shampoo in my eye in the shower! Doesn’t that stop happening in, oh, ELEMENTARY school? I guess not. I can’t say I’ve gotten shampoo in my eyes in a very long time though. But I guess that streak is broken now that I’ve burnt the inner corner of my left eye to a nice pinkish hue. Who needs two eyes anyway, right?
This morning my alarm went off and I managed to slap my iphone right out of its case! I guess I am of Hulk strength at 7:30am, whereas at around 7:40 I have all the strength of a baby.
And I cannot stop yawning! I feel like I am going to just yawn once really big and then pass out. And my eyes tear up when I yawn, so I look like a blubbering loser in my corner of the office. Which I guess isn’t much of a corner since I am pushed out from the wall because of the renos right now. It’s somewhat more of an alcove, which is okay, I don’t mind living in small quarters, it’s just like being in my apartment!
I don’t seem to be recovering well from my streak of sleeping in until 10am or later. 7:30am just seems like insanity, which is ridiculous because I used to have to get up at 4:30am for Starbucks! I actually felt nauseated in the morning yesterday from having to get up early. One of those mornings when I have to sit down for a few minutes so I don’t hurl. Ahh, doesn’t that add a perfect cherry to a Monday morning?
I also just realized I’ve been staring at my monitor and holding my right boob for at least two minutes. WHAT AM I DOING?
Apparently the caffeine in this London Fog isn’t QUITE enough. Or maybe it was the pepsi I drank at 8:30 this morning….hmmmm…

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