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Lush Solid Shampoo is a Sham-DO!

Solid shampoo sounds like two words to me that should never been seen together, because isn’t the point of shampoo to get in between all your hair and really scrub it clean? 
Lush managed to change my mind on the solid shampoo front. In fact, I hadn’t heard of solid shampoo until I was visiting their website one night after looking at that caca hair dye. I’ve sort of been on this shampoo quest, trying to find something that wouldn’t dry out my hair, but was good for the environment (and my scalp). The Lush solid shampoo is Sodium Laurel Sulphate-free for the most part, though I think this may have been a recent change to some of the shampoos as I believe when I was first looking for an SLS-free shampoo, I only found one solid one that came without SLS.
I guess that brings me to another fact – Lush states that they use either all-natural or safe synthetics, however, I have found two so-called safe synthetics that are in some of their products that have been linked to various illnesses. However, these two synthetics: sodium laurel sulphate and methylparaben are in pretty much everything from soap to deodorant,  so you’re pretty much putting them on you all the time. In my case I guess I’m just trying to reduce how often I come into contact with these chemicals, just to be safe. It’s pretty hard to avoid them though, unless you went the way of “Little House on the Prarie” and kicked it old-skool, and I’m not even talking retro, we’re talking about making your own soap and using apple cider vinegar and baking soda to wash your hair (which is something that apparently works, but I imagine doesn’t smell too hot). Anyway, for the most part Lush avoids these, which is nice, and they make the ingredients list pretty damn easy to find for every product, so how can you go wrong?
If you buy two of these solid shampoo pucks at a time, you get a free tin to put one in for the shower (so it doesn’t melt). I’m pretty sure if you just left the puck sitting in the soap tray in the shower that it would just melt away completely, so even if you just get one soap, I’d still buy a tin (I think they’re like $4?) and save yourself the worry. I just bought one shampoo and one tin because I didn’t want to have another one of those caca moments where it ends up sucking and I have spent good money on it, but now that I’ve used it, I can’t think that I’ll be going back to regular shampoo unless I end up in some ridiculously small town (which seems pretty unlikely).
Anyhoos, so you take the puck into the shower and get your hair all wet and then you just run the puck a few times over your head all the way down your hair. I’d say about 4 strokes will do the trick. I guess it sort of feels like running a piece of deodorant down your head, which at first feels really weird. I was also pretty skeptical of how well this product would foam up since it didn’t have any SLS (that’s what makes the bubbles!).  It foams exactly the same! I couldn’t believe it. And it washed out easily and left no residue, just nice clean hair. 
I bought the Karma Komba, which seemed to be the only SLS-free solid shampoo at the time, but since then pretty much all of the shampoo pucks are SLS-free, which is nice, because I will be certainly trying the cinnamon! Karma Komba has a hippie smell, straight up patchouli, which I could smell all day at work for the first few days. I think that runs true of most new scents that you put on yourself.  I don’t even notice the smell at all anymore, but I think that Lush aromas stick to hair pretty well, but I haven’t found that with the other things I’ve tried from them (face wash, moisturizer, toner). None of my face-specific items are overly smelly, and none of them leave a heavy, lasting scent, which I like because who wants to sit around with eight different smells on them? Maybe smelly people, I don’t know.
I give this shampoo a serious 5/5 for the following:
*no packaging = good for the environment
*pretty on par for pricing with other mainstream shampoo
*lasts FOREVER
*comes in a variety of nice smells
*SLS-free product
*Buy 2, get a free storage tin
So what are you doing reading this?  Get out there and buy this stuff!

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