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No lols here.

I didn’t post yesterday because I had an off day.  Off, in that I came to work and one of my bosses had gone through my entire desk and rearranged everything I had set up so that it suited them better. It was sort of like having your mother go through everything in your room when you were a teenager.  I feel really violated. I have systems in place and papers in specific places so that I can find what I need.  All that is now gone, replaced by what the boss feels would better help the boss find things. The boss even threw out a 3/4 bottle of Dr. Pepper that was on my desk.  Apparently on some sort of cleaning rampage.

Then the boss came in at the end of the day and talked about how much shredding to do each day, even though the shredder dies after 15 min because it’s so little. Honestly, I was so angry I could have walked out.  But I have to you know, eat and stuff.

This comes just after I found out that I am being forced to use the majority of my vacation time between Dec 4th and Jan 5th because the bosses feel like closing down the studio.  Either I don’t get paid, or I have to use my vacation time to cover the loss.

This leaves me with exactly 4 vacation days for 2009.

I am not impressed.

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