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Caca for your hair?!

So I’m sitting here with henna on my hair, and have been for TWO HOURS.  Here’s what the Lush website had to say:

“Caca Brun is a spiced brown henna to give your hair a deep brown gloss with ground coffee added to deepen the color. We use nettles for extra shine. While the henna is working on your color, the nettle powder helps to condition your scalp. This Caca is for those who want to give their mousy brown hair a deeper, more defined color and have it shine like a well-buffed teak tabletop.”

Awww yeah, tabletop hair! Apparently trying to treat your scalp and hair better means that you have to find many, many hours to sit with this on your hair.  Basically, you break the henna block up and grate two or more blocks into a bowl.  Then you add water, or coffee, or tea (just to try and help the color develop) and you plop it on your head.


I didn’t have any gloves, so now my hands are sort of greenish brown.  Aaaand it’s going to take a while to wash it off.  Blerg!  Oh, and did I mention that I had to wrap my head in plastic wrap too?  I look ridiculous.

And it also stiiiiiinks.  Sort of like pot and burnt hay?  I’ve read reviews of chicks keeping this on their head for 8 hours.  WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME?  I guess it’s something you’ve got to do on a full day of cleaning or something.  Anyhoos, I am sort of sick of the smell, and now it’s been 3 hours, so I’m gonna wash it out and see what happens…

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