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Elevator Etiquette

I used to hate taking elevators. I think I was scared they were going to come crashing to the ground, or I’d get stuck in one?
Basically, working at a hospital will cure you of all elevator fear, as you take them 50 times a shift to get to the various units. And taking the elevator with a corpse? Forget about it! Childsplay!
Luckily I got over the elevator fear before moving into an apartment as well, as climbing many, MANY stairs is out of the question. I’ve climbed much less at work to get to my office and have greatly regretted it!
I find that in public spaces (say maybe, in a building lobby) there is a certain etiquette that comes with waiting and boarding an elevator.
When you arrive in front of the elevator, either the button has been pushed, or you have to push it. If it’s been pushed, you had better let the person that pushed the button get on the elevator first, or you’ll get the stank eye. If you push it, congrats! You get on first. Anyone who breaks this rule seems to be the subject of a great number of grunts and dirty looks.
And you’d better pay attention to who arrived in front of the elevator in what order! If you step ahead of anyone else, you’d better get a bullet proof vest. Looks CAN kill.
Or maybe it’s just me that gets really pissed when someone busts in front of me to get into the elevator.
That, and when I am getting out of an elevator, but some over-anxious fool barges into the elevator before I can even get OFF the elevator.
Why is human contact so difficult?!

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