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Fashions fade, style is eternal

After being so fashionable for so long (it’s hard work!), I managed to get in a book on world style!  Let us all bask in the glory of my photo spread:

It’s in this book:
And you can buy it HERE, but it’s not available until January I believe.
I don’t know why they chose this particular shot, but whatever, I like this outfit.  Notice the episode of Family Guy in the background as well as Zelda’s laser pug eyes.  You think they’d get one of my properly lit photos, but whatever, I’m in a book, so I’ll stop with the complaining.
I’ve been trying to pair down and work on owning items that would all go rather well together so that I can mix and match.  This is why I haven’t bought anything but a black dress in about two months now.  My closet is EXPLODING with clothing, and I’m sure I could work it down to a smaller wardobe, like oh, NORMAL people have.  I’ve gotten rid of bags and bags of stuff, too, but my laundry piles remain.  I guess it’s a weird time of year where we all transition from Summer to more Winter-esque items anyway.  
On the storage front, I want to get one of those vacuum storage bags that you suck all the air out of!  i want to see how small I can get a pile of my clothing!  Does anyone have one of these?  i want to see what kinds of things I can stuff in to this space-aged bag!  Clothing, shoes…people?!   Hell, my whole apartment would probably fit in a bag.  

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