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World’s Most Haunted Workplaces!

So I’m pretty sure that the building manager for the place I work is haunting our floor.  Seriously.  We need to get Paranormal State on this shit.  Does anyone else watch that show?  Christine, I’m looking at you!

Anyway, two Wednesdays ago our building manager passed away, and since then we’ve had two very bizarre Wednesdays over here where the lights in the hallway flicker, and stop.  And they only do it on Wednesdays so far.  Seriously.  It’s Wednesday, and LO AND BEHOLD!  Major light flickering.

This guy got into a major accident on MY BIRTHDAY (even spookier), and he died exactly two weeks ago.  

One of my bosses pointed out the flickering and was like, “I think it’s John! AAAAAH!” and now I am watching the hallway like a hawk!  I want to just stand in the hallway and gently whisper, “John…..?  Is that you?” but I’d probably crap myself if anything happened.  That might be okay though because the flickering lights are right in front of the bathroom.  TOTALLY SPOOKY.

Plus, this is a heritage site building, so this building is totally old.  And probably, TOTALLY HAUNTED.

Quick! Break out the heat sensor cams and the holy water! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

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