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You’re doing it wrong!

I was thinking about the age-old question I asked maybe a month or so ago of whether you bunch or fold your tp.  Then someone brought it up at work and I started to think that an even better question is whether you put the tp roll on so that the sheet comes OVER the top, or UNDER the bottom.
These are absolutely the most simple things that cause insane amounts of chaos when people disagree, especially if they live together.
I just assumed my whole life that the roll went over.  Whenever someone put it on the other way, I assumed that they did it wrong, so I would correct it and put it on so it was back to being over.
Then I met someone who was bent on putting the roll UNDER.  It was like talking to someone from bizzaro-land, where everything is backwards.
I’m trying to understand the physics behind why putting the roll on under would be better to putting it on over?
When the roll is over I feel like I have more control over the sheets I get.  If it’s under, I feel like I’ve got to manhandle the roll to get the right amount of paper off.
This is one of those situations similar to not putting the cap on toothpaste, or, for that matter, putting the cap on and *gasp* not wiping the extra toothpaste off the cap!

I am not a wiper-of-toothpaste, but I will say that I can see where the wipers are coming from, because you’re saving yourself the issue later of having to try and wipe the cap off with a piece of tp, only to remember that toothpaste pretty much GLUES itself to tp and then you’ve got a toothpaste AND tp problem happening.  I don’t know a good way to even deal with that.  Automatically I grab tp or a tissue to wipe the tube, and ALWAYS I end up with a ripped piece of tp stuck to the opening.  I never think to just finger the crap off the side, because for whatever reason I don’t want to actually touch the toothpaste with my hand.
As if the worst thing in the bathroom is toothpaste.  I think NOT!  Plenty of other poopy-related things happen in the bathroom that are much worse than toothpaste goo.

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