Zero Consumption

As of this Saturday I will have made it through one month of not buying a single item of clothing.  ZERO!  I didn’t even cheat and buy say, jewelry.  Literally I have purchased nothing but essentials.  This coming after several months of buying SEVERAL things a week.  Good for me!
The crap thing is that I’ve had to pay bills, and my landlady had taken rent out twice in July, thus effing up my spending.  I got her to not take out August rent, but I’ve been paying bills, and sigh, really I am left with no more money than usual as it stands.  Boo!  
I plan on keeping up with this though, and really evaluating what I actually need in my wardrobe compared to what I “want” because those are two different things!
I did realize that I don’t own any sort of flat shoe that will cover the top of my feet and keep them warm.  I thought that was pretty weird considering I own many, MANY pairs of shoes.  So perhaps this month I will get a pair of reasonably priced shoes.  That will be my purchase.  But that ought to be it other than say, a cardigan?  I love cardigans.  Drape me in cardigans!  I would wear a cardigan every day if it were feasible. 
Anyway, enough about cardigans and shoes.
Hopefully I will be able to pay off the old credit card in a reasonable amount of time.  Really, if I wanted to look back on what I managed to buy compared to what I use, that’s a pretty depressing thought!  I just want to pay it all off and be done with it, because I will certainly have a lot more money if I can just pay the credit card OFF.  COMPLETELY.  Damn interest.  I hate interest.  However, in my own interest I have changed my card to a low interest option, so I won’t get absolutely raped at the bank.  Hopefully that will help.  In a year I should be debt free. GOD WILLING.
So I will continue on my “do not buy anything” front, and maybe try and go 2 months and make it to October without buying anything except that pair of shoes I need.  Because my feets are cold! 

1 Response to “Zero Consumption”

  1. 1 Christine, Giggs & Mea September 3, 2008 at 11:10 am

    Congrats! Good for you 🙂

    Cardigans are ok but I love a nice zippie! Even in the middle of summer I usually pack one around with me because AC makes me too cold.

    So while you’re being draped in cardigans, I want to be draped in zippies!

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