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Written yesterday, but still funny

I just hit a point in my day where I am so terribly tired that I started typing what I was thinking into an email to my boss, though I am sure he wouldn’t know what the status of the “Clown with a dirty hat” is.  OH BROTHER.  For some reason I have also ended up sketching a clown wearing a dirty hat.  I am not even a big fan of clowns???  WHY ALL THE CLOWNS?!

Yes, my lack of sleep came from the pugs, but I never really blame them, as they’re just trying to get some sleep, too.  I woke up last night before sunrise to see that I had been moved way over to the edge of the bed, off my pillow, and I look up to see Zelda laying on my pillow, and Winston laying in my spot in bed with his head taking up the last of the pillow space.  How does this happen when I sleep???  I’m pretty sure I went to bed with my body splayed out all over the place, so how did I manage to scrunch my body into a foldable home gym shape?!
It was pretty hot last night as well.  Or maybe I was still sweating from the intense game of Bocce that Steve and I RULED at.  It’s so tiring being good at bowling-type sports.
Hey, I even won silver at a curling match having never curled before.  Maybe I am just naturally good at relaxed sports that you can drink and play at the same time.  Though, that would make for a very interesting badminton game.

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