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don’t worry, he eventually chose one.  he almost exploded though.

Case of the Slanty Skull

I’ll admit it.  I can’t wear headbands.  I have maybe one that doesn’t give me a splitting headache, and the rest make me want to pass out.  You know the ones.  Those headbands that dig into your skull so badly that you want to drill a hole in your temples.  Yes.  Those ones.
And then there’s those large elastic band ones, the ones that go around your whole head.  I can’t wear those because I have some sort of magical slanty head and the back of my skull won’t support them!  They slide right off!  It’s like I have no skull back there!  Just a ramp!
I thought maybe if I just teased my hair a bit at the back that I could make it work with this pretty little ribbon headband, but then this morning I noticed the regular headband headache popping up, and there I was, taking off another headband because my poor skull can’t deal with it!
Does anyone else have a weirdly-shaped cranium?  I can wear hats, but no headbands.  Except this one little headband that somehow doesn’t give me a splitting headache.  A nice purple one with a bow.  Because bows are great.
What is it with girls and their hair?  I can only count maybe a handful of items that I can actually put in my hair that don’t give me  a headache.  And then there’s that glorious moment at the end of the day when you take the elastic out of your hair and rub the spot where it was.  Ooooh that’s good.  It’s like taking off a pair of heels.  Except most of the time you don’t notice the elastic punishing your skull.  Oh but to take the elastic out at the end of the day, that is one of life’s pleasures as a woman.
Now I’m off to take Advil to cure my headband headache!  Boo!

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