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Oi, my Brain!

Brain, you are hurting me today.  I didn’t take my cypro in the morning and big surprise, i am feeling really weird now.  This stuff isn’t making me want to rip my eyes out when I forget to take it, like Effexor was, so I’m thinking all in all, I am doing pretty good.
As for how I feel, i am going to have to say that I feel like my brain has been replaced with cotton balls.  Or maybe bowling balls.  I’m feeling very fuzzy, and I can really feel the inside of my own head aching.  Maybe it’s aching for medication?  I can tell you I am!  I should really keep a “spare” pill or two at work so that this doesn’t happen, but I’ve forgotten this pill once or twice before work and I’ve actually made it through the day with little to no effect.
I think it’s maybe that I haven’t had a substantial meal yet today.  So far it’s been granola bars a-plenty, and some carrot/orange juice.  That’s not cutting it.  Oh I can see my lunch now…delicious, delicious curry.  Oh my God I am getting near that hunger where you just want to absolutely DIE.  “I can’t even make it to the food court!  I am so sick with the hunger!  It’s like I’ve never eaten before!”
It’s like I am watching myself work from a little room inside my eyeballs.  It’s like I am a tiny version of myself trying to get this giant robot to work.  Sort of like that alien in MIB.  Remember that?  It’s like I am yelling in my own head, “Work!  Damn you, work!!!”  But I need an oil change or something.
Oh wouldn’t it be easier if my brain chemistry was just “average?”  Sigh.
Can I also say that while I was vacuuming this weekend, Zelda took a giant dump in the dog bed!  Um, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, ZELDA?!  I know you don’t like the vacuume, but all dogs hate vacuumes, so you really don’t need to show my your distaste by shitting the bed.  Plus, I don’t even know how you did it, because I WAS IN THE ROOM and it usually takes about 24 full revolution turns in the dog pan before you will even think of pooping.  Covert pooping is something I have never seen in my house.  That dog bed has been washed more times than my oldest underpants!  Somehow this particular Saturday vacuume was SO offensive that she actually had a bowel movement.  I don’t see how it was any more offensive than the usual 15 minute doggy hair cleanup.  Maybe she was hoping to save all that dog hair and make a vest?

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