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Points of the Day

Walking to work this morning I walked past a pair of men’s briefs as well as a nice pair of men’s slacks.  They were crumpled on top of a portion of a newspaper.  Perhaps the businessman exploded?  Spontaneous combustion?  I know hobos leave clothing strewn here and there in Vancouver, but this wasn’t like that.  It’s like someone had been walking and reading, and then had decided to take off their pants and underwear, and keep walking, which is something I can see happening in this city.  I wonder where the poor, half naked guy went???

This morning I heard a cute little French song on the internet radio station at work, so I tried to take a look at who the artist was, when I shut it off by accident.  Then my female boss said, “Yes!  I can see we’re really in tune to when there are annoying songs on that station!”  I went along with it because really?  Am I going to disagree with my boss at this point?  Not so much.
I‘ve had Steve shut the dogs out of the bedroom the past two mornings so that I can actually get some sleep after he gets up in the morning.  Okay, I feel guilty about not letting the pugs have a morning snuggle, but I am sleeping so much better, and there are no dogs stepping on my hair constantly.  It’s delightful.
I’ve been wondering as of late what on earth they do with body parts they cut off at the hospital? I guess I should explain that my dad, who is brain injured, has somewhat of a goiter on his ass.  It’s okay to laugh, it’s actually a long and entertaining story.  Now, the story of how he became brain injured is a long one, so really to cut to the facts you need to know:
1) My sister and I call my dad Joe Bananas
2) My sister is my dad’s legal guardian
3) Apparently my dad has somewhat of an ass goiter?  We don’t know what else to call it.  Anyhow, it’s funny because we’re wondering how his health care worker let this goiter get to the size of a grapefruit before telling my sister about it.  Imagine a grapefruit growing out of the bottom of one of your ass cheeks!  
4) He’s getting it cut off soon, which led my sister and I into a conversation about what they do with removed skin/body parts at the hospital…
I know they go into biohazardous waste, but when a doctor cuts a bunch of fat and skin, or say, a leg off of someone, where do all the body parts go?  I’ve been trying to research this over the past two days and I can’t really find an answer.  The fact that I worked in a hospital a few years ago didn’t tell me much about what happens to body parts either.  After discussing with my sister I guess they must burn all that stuff, but I’ve been told the smell of burning human is a very strong, and recognizable odor, so where do they do this?
There you have it, a little glimpse into my day!  If anyone knows where body parts go, let me know!  It’s killing me!

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