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Hairy Potter and the Order of the Hepafilter

So about oh, six weeks ago, Steve was emptying our vacuum of pounds of dog hair and he accidentally threw out the hepafilter.

It looked like this:

Our carpet, as of today, looked like something out of an ad for the Furminator:

I ordered a filter like FIVE WEEKS ago from Amazon, you know, one of those sellers within Amazon, and I could have flown to wherever the shit this place was and shoved 5 pounds of dog hair down their throats.  Why did I order one online, you ask?  Because Vancouver doesn’t really have any “big box” stores, ie: Zellers, Wal-Mart, etc.  While I think this is pretty cool of them (you know, supporting local businesses), but when it comes to buying essential items, they seem to be nowhere to be found.

So I order the only hepafilter that I can find off of Amazon and pay through the nose for shipping to get it to me faster (because I almost drowned in a dust bunny).  Weeks pass, and nothing.  The apartment is getting hairier and hairier.  Then I get an email from Amazon saying that from their records, they see that the “store” hasn’t sent my item, so they will contact these people on my behalf.  Then a day later I get a call from these chumps saying “oops, sooooooo so sorry, we will ship out the filter right away!!!”  Then I check my account.  Nothing has happened.

Another week and a half pass and I get an email from Amazon asking me to rate the seller.  Among other things I state (and I quote) “This seller sucks balls.”  Oh how good it felt to talk about ball-sucking sellers on a rating forum.  Hahahah!

And then I get home today and BLAM, the filter appears.  I got so excited I vacuumed the whole apartment.  I also sucked my skirt into the vacuum and overheated it, thus leaving that awful vacuum stink in the apartment.  Shit!

Oh well, at least we’re now as hairless as a 13 year old!  Woo!

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