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Totally OMG!

Man, I suck at posting at night!  Apparently all of my best work comes during the day!  Shit!  I must learn my job faster so I can blog!!!

Things at work are nice.  The company is good, and the people are nice.  I guess maybe it’s the nonprofit sector that was making me nuts.  I can actually sit for 8 hours and do 8 hours of REAL WORK and feel good that I put in a full day.  You know, rather than sitting and surfing the internet for 7 our of 8 hours, and then maybe staring at the wall for a half hour, and then putting in a nice, solid half hour of work.

I will miss it, and then again, there are parts I won’t!

After much research on those doggie chews, I have come to notice that the particular ones I am giving the pugs are made of lamb, not bull penis.  This is nice to know because really there’s only one penis that I want to hold, and I think we all know whose that is!  Wait, did I make that clear enough?  It’s Steve’s.  Hi Steve!  I love you!

I am pretty excited tonight because I get to meet Christine and Giggs tomorrow!  Oh boy!  Shit, I’d better charge my camera batteries, I am stoked to see them in person because they live kind of sort of not TOO too far away, and Giggs is a pretty handsome dude.  Hopefully neither of my pugs hump him.


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