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Sign on the dotted line

I signed my new employment agreement, and later next week I start my new jobbo!  Yay!  I’m now an Admin and Production Assistant for a graphic design company.  Fancy stuff! 

I just had the yucky task of handing in my resignation though.  Even though I don’t like this job, it ALWAYS sucks to resign.  The tough thing is that we have no boss technically, so I had to leave my letter under the door of a kind-of-co-worker-but-kind-of-boss for when he comes in, because he shows up at all different times in the morning.  I figure that will at least give him some time to you know, barf at the fact that there are only going to be three people working here now. 

 In some other semi-good news, I contacted a doggy behavior consultant to see if I might be able to get someone to come and work with me to help Zelda with her freak outs every time she sees another dog.  I can see how stressed out she gets around other dogs, and it’s embarassing for everyone when she starts screaming at other dogs.  Up until now I haven’t had the money to do this, but now with my shiny new job I can get someone’s advice to help me help her, so I think that will be lovely!

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