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The wave of the future!

I’ve been thinking of a lot of fashion-esque posts to make lately, but I’m not sure that this is the right place to put the posts, so I started a sort of sister-blog to this one where I will be posting lots of sweet stuff about fashion.  It’s called, Aesthetique, and I just put my first post up!  Woot! 


On another, harier note, I have attempted to change dog food again.  As of right now, I don’t know if I want to feed them regular dog food.  I know there have been a lot of changes to dog food since all of the many thousands of food scares, but I am still not entirely comfortable with it.  I find it pretty reasonable to feed the dogs with fresh, cooked food anyhow, but I thought I’d just give regular dog food another go, as sometimes it’s difficult to find time in the day to cook their weekly meals. 

Zelda was up whining this morning, which may have been indigestion, or it may have been usual Zelda.  Their poops are pretty solid (because I love to share), so they seem to be digesting the introduced dog food pretty well.  So far they’ve scarfed down 2 meals of it mixed with oatmeal, and the results are pretty good.  It looked like Zelda was going to heave once last night, but she managed to hold it in.  That could have been for any number of reasons though, so I’m going to just keep a watchful eye and see what happens…


Also, I might just have some happy job news at the end of the day today…stay tuned!

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