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Nap Time is the Best Time

Isn’t he beautiful?  It’s like looking at a sculpture done by Rodin.  Maybe if Rodin’s subjects ate a lot of doughnuts…

The future is not what it used to be

Let the madness begin, folks, I am now working Tuesday through Saturday, or Caturday for all you lolcats.  I figure by doing this, at least there’s a weekday that I can really get to an interview easily.  I have one today, and then on on Thursday.  I’m sure they’ll think I am on my deathbed if I use another doctor’s appointment.  It’s really difficult finding new work when you are still employed.  I mean, I don’t want to be unemployed, but I know I am not the first person to do this.  I wonder if they’re onto me?  I still haven’t signed the employment agreement, nor has anyone really made mention of it.  I figure there might be some pressure by Friday, but I am hoping to *maybe slash VERY MUCH HOPING* to have a new job by then, so it won’t even matter. 

It’s dreadfully quiet here.  It’s like a tomb.  There’s only 4 of us left.  Abandon ship!!!

In other, more exciting news, I got to take photos for a story Steve did on the Vancouver Scientology protest by Anonymous, which was one of several around the world:

It was a pretty tame occassion, with some minor chanting of, “Cult!  Cult!  Cult!” and some delighted cheers as drivers honked when they passed.

Sadly, no one was Rick Rolled here in Canada, which I think would have really gotten the party started.  Perhaps you’d like to be Rick Rolled right now.

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