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Number Spells in Words

I had a really bad meal at Cafe Crepe today. I ordered a meal that had hash browns and it tasted like:

I kid you not. Ask Steve, he can vouch for the hamster browns. I couldn’t even eat them. Not only that, but the waitress forgot two parts of our order and we didn’t get our food for about 35 minutes, meanwhile other people got theirs in 10. I’m usually pretty relaxed about stuff like that, but I mean forgetting all that? And she didn’t apologize for being late with the food, or forgetting anything, and nothing was taken off the price of the meal. Boo! This is probably the third time I’ve been there and it’s been shitty every time. WHY DO I NOT LEARN??

I got my new glasses today, and they are pretty bitchin’.  I none of the photos I’ve taken have been that good though, but I’ll upload once I get a good one.  I’m feelin’ pretty swanky in them, and oh my GOSH my vision was actually -1.00 since I had my eyes checked the last time.  No wonder I’ve gotten a lot of headaches!  When I walked down Robson today it was like I had never seen so many things in my life.  STREET LAMPS!  ROAD SIGNS!  HOBOS!  IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

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