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I can see clearly now

Damn, no posting yesterday at all, what’s that about, eh?  I was helping a co-worker write three grant proposals all day…doesn’t that sound thrilling???  It’s like taking a bite straight out of the action! 

I don’t know when I’m going to hear about this animal shelter job, so that’s kind of the poops.  I figure by next Friday I ought to know.  There’s another job that interviewed me that has absolutely nothing to do with nonprofit, but I think it might be a line of work I want to go into eventually, so I am pretty stoked on that.  They need someone to start on the 15th, to which I promptly said, “Well, I can start for you as soon as you would need me!”  I hope only losers apply otherwise to that one, then I’ll have a cool job and be able to WALK TO WORK.  Somewhere David Suzuki is crying tears of joy.  I assume since they need someone ASAP that I’ll at least hear about that by next week.  Otherwise I might just stand outside of their office with cupcakes begging for a job.

In nerdy news, I have an eye exam today, which means new perscription, which means I can get glasses again!  I’ve been wearing contacs for a year or two, and though they’re good, I find sometimes I just want to wear a pair of glasses.  Plus, as far as my experience go, though it’s completely stupid, people actually treat me like I am smarter when I am wearing them.  I’ve asked around, and other people get this too.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  Yes, because I put on some glasses, suddenly my IQ went to 160, but when I don’t wear them I am at 110 to people.  I’ve met plenty of morons with glasses, too, so we all know that wearing glasses doesn’t make you smarter.  Actually, I think the frame of the glasses might have something to do with it, too.  You know those dudes that wear glasses that look like they popped the lenses out of some extreme sport sunglasses?  Those don’t really make you look smarter.  Actually, I think that makes dudes look dumber, as if they popped the lenses out themselves and then decided to wear them like that.

Anyhow, it’s a real pain in the ass not being able to see quite as well as you should.  The eye doctor is an adventure anyway, right?  Like that machine that blows air in your eye.  What purpose does that serve?  I’m pretty sure anyone in their right mind would move away from a blast of air being shot at their eye.  Is that even the correct reaction?  I’m not even sure what that test does!  And what’s with the extremely fast flicking to test which lens you see the most clearly out of?  THISORTHIS!  THISORTHIS?  THISORTHIS?  Aaaaaaah!  I didn’t see a fucking thing!  I don’t know!  Does that mean I am going blind??!!?

And also?  The eye doctor I am going to have made glasses for Uma Thurman and Sylvester Stallone!  They actually have a celeb. wall all along the top of the glasses.  WAS JOHNNY DEPP HERE?!  I NEED TO KNOW!  DID HE SIT IN THIS CHAIR?!  CAN I RUB MY BUTT IN IT A LITTLE?!  Ahhh, big city living.

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