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I’ll get right on that

I have to leave for my second interview with the animal shelter soon (woo!), but I am just sitting here stewing on thought, so I might as well get it out.

I’m really dissapointed in the organization I work for.  I can’t believe it has turned into an “us” (three employees and one kind of boss) vs. THEM (terrible, terrible board).  The Chair is a dismissal lawyer, so our employment agreement is a bajillion pages long and filled with so much hidden law terminology that it makes me sick to look at it.  Do they think we’re stupid?  There is actually part of a clause that says not only should we give a month’s notice, but if we quit before then, we have to pay the organization any damages suffered as a result of the termination of our own employment.  Talk about a rat trap.  I also noticed a clause that says that they can fire us without just cause.  Uhhhh, hi, AGAINST LABOR LAWS???  I plan on just dragging out the signing for at least two weeks.  After all, I need to seek legal counsel, right? (otherwise known as me applying for as many jobs as humanly possible in the next two weeks in order to try and get another job ASAP).

The good news is that I sent the animal shelter an emai last week explaining the awful circumstances and letting them know I VERY MUCH want to work for them, so I need an interview ASAP.  And I have one!  I was really debating whether or not to send them an email at all, as I might sound cocky, but they picked up what I layed down and so now I have an interview in a half hour…

Oh sweet baby Jesus I hope something comes of this.  There are only so many “doctor’s appointments” I can go on….

I gave Steve a tattoo tonight

Then Steve gave me one!

Hardcore, right?

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