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Not to worry!

I will tell you this, there is no way I am signing the employment agreement (if you were worried).  I got it yesterday and looked it over, and the lawyer (who is a dismissal lawyer, and the head of the board) wrote it up, so he snuck all this bullshit into it that he must think of us “dumb nonprofit people” will fall for.

I WILL NOT SIGN!  Lorkeet, I like your idea of going to the media though, as there is a newspaper that is VERY interested in getting the hard facts about our organization.

I plan on telling them that I am not signing the contract.  It is illegal to change the employment agreement and take things away from the employee (like, say, making me give a month’s notice instead of a week), without them giving me something in return (say, a month’s severance if they fire me.)  If they think they’re playing with a dumbass, they are in for a big surprise, because I have the number of a dismissal lawyer that works out of Calgary and Vancouver that will give me the advice I need to take those mo fos DOWN.

If they want me to sign anything, they will have to change the termination terms to my liking.  Enough said.

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