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Health Ledger Dies of an overdose!


What the flip?!  I just read Perezhilton and BLAM, Health Ledger is found dead with a bottle of pills by his side.  CRAZY!!!

And now we play the waiting game…

The interview went well.

 Really well!

It pays more, it will be much more fun, I can bring the dogs to the office (while most of the time I get to work from home), and the people that work there are really nice.  I also wowed them enough that they were gasping at points and they actually seriously expressed their interest in me and wanted to cancel the other interview they had that day. 

They said they would let me know really soon, which, as far as I can tell you, ISN’T SOON ENOUGH!!!

I want this job, and I could do REALLY WELL at it.  Keep your paws crossed.

Steve said I should just call in sick this week and then quit next week (if I get the job), which is pretty tempting, I have to say.  Maybe I should use the vacation time I have and take a week off?  But then, what would I do for a week?  Then again, this is a contract job for the first year, so I won’t get a holiday for a while…but that’s assuming I have the job, which I shouldn’t do, lest something happen and I don’t have it.

but OH MY GAWD, I want it. 

I don’t even want to sit at my desk job anymore.  I feel like I’ve seen the light, and I’ve seen something I could really be good at…something that won’t make me sit in an office that’s an hour drive in rush hour…

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