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It’s here, it’s here!

Oh man, dudes, I have the BIG INTERVIEW today and I am extremely psyched/nervous/ready to tackle this.  Can you believe how long it’s taken?  I had the first interview for this animal shelter in the middle of December!  MIDDLE OF DECEMBER.  Okay, okay, I am willing to wait for a good job, but the waiting is TORTURE.

My stomach is totally doing a ribbon routine inside of me, and it doesn’t help that today when I came to work the heater had broken AGAIN and it was a mere 11 degrees in here.  I AM WEARING MY COAT!!!  WTF!!!

I can do this though.  I get nervous and then I get into an interview and I’m all like BLAM, I AM THE BEST.  And if thay doesn’t work, I can do a few sweet dance moves to break the ice.

Or maybe show them photos of cute animals…

“IF YOU DON’T HIRE ME, YOU WON’T SEE THIS PUPPY AGAIN…even though I don’t know whose dog this is, or where it is…uhhhh.”

“Would you say no to this face?  Then don’t say no to me!”

Or wait, wait, how about an achingly adorable photo of baby Zelda??

“Oh hai, pweeeazy hire my momma.  She wuvs aminals.”

Oh yeah.  I got this.

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