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Tangents between tax receipts

You’ll likely notice every now and then I have a little tangent of things I write about.  Sometimes it’s the pugs, sometimes it’s work, you know, stuff like that.  Lately, I am thinking about fashion.

Sorry, dudes.

 I have to give you an update and say that I bought a pair of Levi’s kind of like these:

and OH MY BLOG they are the best fitting pair of jeans I have ever worn.  Seriously.  I will never ever doubt Levi’s.  Ever.  I have never put on a pair of skinny jeans that actually really nicely fit my thighs.  Most of the time I go to put them on and I end up not being able to pull them up really well because my thighs seem to be somehow OUTRAGEOUSLY ENORMOUS for my size (I am a size 4, WTF?).  So I thought that was just how it was going to be.  I was going to have my ass crack show forever because my thighs are not human. 

But then like a light shining down from dear, sweet heaven, I put on a pair of Levi’s and actually had to pick my jaw UP OFF THE FLOOR because they had slid on so easily.  LIKE BUTTER.  BUTTER MADE OF JEANS. 

I can’t remember exactly who suggested Levi’s, but I’m going to let you know that I will look back to that post, find out who it was, and then tongue kiss them.  Whether you want it or not.


I’m pretty sure we all could have guessed this.  Now that I am rated R, let’s see what kind of hits I get!

Wait, no creeps, please. 

Actually, you know what I stumbled upon the other day?  An S&M blog.  You know when you hit ranom on your blog toolbar?  Well the sexy gods were smiling on me because I found this completely random blog of a professional man who is married and is now getting into all this crazy S&M stuff.  I couldn’t even read past the first post because I was like, “I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE WRITING THAT!” *insert girly little giggles*  I guess he’s pretty much anonymous though, so what’s the worry, right?  I didn’t know that people had a dying urge to write about how their sex life is going.  Well, I guess there’s “Sex and the City,” but I guess I just wouldn’t expect a man to write about it?  But then again, why not. 

Oh, and as for dog humping, I think Steve really summed up well how weird it was to see Zelda hump Winston for the first time!  It was like watching a hamburger eat a person.

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