…and then the police found me frozen to my keyboard

I think I just lost a toe from it being SO COLD IN THIS BUILDING TODAY.  There were some men on the roof yesterday, I mean, I’d call them repairmen, but frankly THEY DIDN’T REPAIR ANYTHING.  They somehow managed to interchange air conditioning with heat.  As much as I love my nipples showing to everyone here, I’m thinking of starting a garbage fire to keep warm.  I have my sleeves pulled over my hands, and I am wearing my winter coat at my desk.  I look like a fool!  Please send lighters and things you don’t mind me burning (ie: photos of exes). 

I have to also tell you that I am absolutely FED UP with my current job.  I am folding letters today, which translates to folding paper, which makes me wonder why all that money went to GETTING AN EDUCATION if all I am doing is folding paper.  Also, the fact that there’s no boss but there’s a guy who is “kind of” a boss but not technically a boss just makes me so frustrated I could stab….anyone.  Since he’s, I dunno, “taken the reigns,” he seems to feel that it isn’t necessary to tell the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT anything.  So I go and buy things like business cards for the office, and BAM, oh yeah, so and so is gettting pregnant woman’s job, so you just wasted $50 on cards.  Can you order more?  Greaaaaat.  I’ve gone from Executive Assistant who knows all the inner workings to like this periferal character who is here simply to fold things and answer the phone when it rings.  Oh things were so much better when I started.  Crap in a hat.

Also, I heard the best term in the world last night on TV that perfectly describes the exact reason that the nonprofit sector sucks (though, i like all the rest of it). 


Yes, yes, yes!  That is the part I hate–having to be a corporate fart-catcher! 

“Oooooh, thank you SO SO much for donating 1/100th of your charity budget to us!  May I bear your children, please?  No?  Perhaps a hand job?”

Thank goodness I have a job interview on Monday.

3 Responses to “…and then the police found me frozen to my keyboard”

  1. 1 Jess January 16, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Aw, I feel your pain about your job. My situation isn’t exactly the same, but the part about being fed up – I hear ya! Hope your job interview next week goes well!

  2. 3 doozy January 16, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    perhaps I just need a bikini in general?

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