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It’s like a nightmare!

Dudes, I am bummed out! Our internet provider got all mixed up on payments and cut off our internet at home, and then were like, “ah yes, problem resolved, you’ll have the inernet back on Thursday.”


I pretty much look to the internet for every piece of random information I can think of! INTERNET, WHY DID YOU GO AWAY?! COME BACK, BABY, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!

So maybe I’ll just post a bit more today and tomorrow to make up for the fact that I will be OFF THE GRID at home for a few days.

Seriously though, you can flick a switch and BLAM, my internet works, but when you turn it off, somehow it takes two days to get to the switch to turn it back on? Not only that, but they told Steve there would be a “re-connection fee.” How about I re-connect my foot to someone’s asshole up at corporate headquarters? No? Okay, it was just an offer. If you’re into it.

In jobby news, there looks to be an interview with the BEST ANIMAL SHELTER, EVER coming up in the next few weeks, for not one, but TWO JOBS. AAAAND, I am applying for a third job that they just posted recently. It’s like the Holy Grail of jobs at that place at the moment, which literally NEVER HAPPENS. Three jobs?! Eeeeeek! I wet myself. Plus, I might be able to bring the dogs with me to work. OH. MY. GOD.

Also, just for the sake of it, I feel I need to let you all know that I had a particularly bad tuna sub today. Usually they aren’t too “fishy,” (and can I tell you, I just wrote out “fucky” instead of “fishy,” WTF?) which is good, because I really don’t like a serious fishy taste. I don’t like fucky taste either, because doesn’t that sound like it tastes like a stinky sac? Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. AAAAnyway, I like my tuna sub slammed with mayo, or whatever the hell it is that makes it not taste quite so fishy, but BAM, fishy sub. I had to spoon out the fish into the garbage in my office garbage, which I can pretty much guarantee you I will forget I did by the end of today, and then I will show up tomorrow to an office that smells like a pimp’s house. Because that’s how I roll. In my pimp office.

*EDIT*  I just got the call for an interview for job 1 of three at the Animal Shelter!  Woo, Jan 21!  Woo!

I have a comemorative John Candy stamp taped to my monitor

Can you tell how interesting my job is?  I also have a funny quote about hotdog fingers from The Office stuck to my monitor to make me laugh when I’ve got some lull time.  Which I have a lot of, because when your organization fires the Exectutive Director and doesn’t hire a new one, somehow the half of your job that was called, “Executive Assistant” just seems to, oh…dissapear.  Go figure, right?  At least now I can use all this free time to take up what I secretly love: BIG GAME HUNTING.  That, or maybe sword-fighting.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to all of the ladies who commented on my last post.  Though I know I am not alone in this medication battle, it’s nice to know some people, at least in semi-real life, who are in the same kind of boat.

So far I’d say I am actually feeling okay minus the meds.  I am going onto the regime of taking 35mg once a day, then skipping a day, which to me is terrifying because Effexor gives you the WWD’s (world’s worst dreams).  Like we’re talking watching someone take a rusty scissor blade to a guy’s mouth and cutting his face open like a puppet from Ballooner Landing.  And if you don’t know what Ballooner Landing is, that’s good, because those puppets were fucking terrifying.  I also know someone who hit the host’s grandkid in the face with a baseball bat.  That’s right, I know a tough bunch of people out here.  It’s pretty hardcore.

It’s been a LOT easier to get out of bed in the morning, and I don’t want to nap immediately when I get home, which is good, because I have to do things like eat and engage Steve in conversation, and you know, play with my dogs.  Napping really cuts into my living time.  Geez!

I’m not feeling quite as sad.  I am just bummed because my job is totally poops right now.  I mean, it’s hella easy, but easy doesn’t make it fun.  You try sitting around at your desk for eight hours a day looking busy!  Wait, you’re probably doing that right now.  Ah yes…we’re all in this together.

I was going to take a minute and talk about the meds that the doctor I saw suggested I try, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called.  She said something about it being good for people who are trying to quit smoking.  Which has nothing to do with depression OR anxiety, which made me wonder how this doctor got a license…hmmmm.  I know it wasn’t Xanax, and I haven’t been able to find another medication that sounded like it, but in our conversation I suggested Zoloft for two reasons:

1) I’ve heard people have had really good experiences with it (ie: Dooce!)

2) The cute little depressed rock in the commercial.

Leave it to advertising to make me say, “awwww, that rock is so sad!  It’s not even enjoying that little butterfly anymore!” when really the rock should be fucking stoked that it’s a rock and is somehow ALIVE.

I don’t really know how exactly to go about choosing another medication, really.  I mean, I’d go on doctor’s advice, but I don’t know this doctor, and she was pretty open to suggestions.  Maybe she can perscribe a gun full of rays of sunshine?  I am a genius.

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