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I think I think a little too often…

You know motivation is at an all-time low when you wear a sweater to work that you wore to bed the night before.  Okay, before you think of me wearing some kind of like Harry Potter sweatshirt to work, it’s actually a cableknit sweater, so I don’t look THAT bad.  Interestingly enough, I actually FORGOT that our staff Christmas party is tonight, OOPS!  I really like to look classy for special occasions.  Ah well!

 On another note, can I just say how TENSE my back is since getting that tattoo??  It took THREE HOURS to ink those pugs onto me, and now it feels like someone has ripped my epidermis off my back!  It’s like having a really bad sunburn in a contained area.  Boo!  I love it though, but I suddenly realized why people go to several sessions for large tattoos.

 Can I also say that there was another woman getting a nice tattoo in the shop, and that she let it slip that she was wearing $600 JEANS.  WHY?!  Hi, I’m over here in my $5 used jeans, and you are over there in your possibly GOLD-PLATED pants!  I gave a close look at those jeans, and I can tell you that they look like something from a shitty teen store.  You know the ones where they sell clothing made of no natural materials?  Yeah.  And they had WHITE stitching?  Um, 1984 called, they want their pants back!  BOOHYA!

Also, last night Zelda went on a licking spree and actually managed to lick off all of my eye makeup on my left eye.  She’s still alive, so that’s a good sign!

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