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On what a sappy baby I am.

Okay, I was just writing an email to my friend, Amanda (pugmanda, woo!) and then I told her this story and I was pretty much thinking, um, this is so ridiculous I need to tell the world about what a crybaby I am.

 So on Monday night Elf was on.  You know, that movie with Will Ferrell.

So I wanted to watch it because I’d never seen it, but I heard it was pretty good.  And you know what?  IT WAS.  But the ridiculous part is that I CRIED AT THE END OF THE MOVIE.  I fucking CRIED watching Elf. 

Okay, I am a crier.  Like, I will cry while watching “A Baby Story” and “A Wedding Story”, or like if a fucking puppy is born, but while watching ELF?!  Am I that sappy?!

Steve was just laughing at me and was like, “Aww, honey, that’s so sweet, you cry at like puppies and kittens and babies being born….” and then BLAM!  I start crying again and I’m like LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL!!!!  WAAAAAAAAH!

Now, who wants to watch Finding Neverland with me?  I guarantee you’ll be able to catch a ferry ride OFF OF MY RIVER OF TEARS.

It’s Friday!

and everything about the above photo is great.  They really capture the spirit of “Friday,” don’t you think?

 I talked to the man at the DREAM JOB place, and apparently there are TWO jobs being hired for in the beginning of January, and he’d like to interview me for both of them, so let’s all hope that I am not over-dazzling in my next interview with them come January.  Perhaps I should wear less glitter and diamonds?

In more hilarious news, a co-worker phoned me this morning to tell me that he hit someone with his car.  Now, before you comment on how terrible it is that I think this is funny, let me explain.  I guess he was driving last night, at which point we can all gather that it was dark out.  He goes to turn onto another road, making a right-hand turn, when out of nowhere, this little woman runs out into the road.  So my friend slams on his breaks because this woman didn’t use a crosswalk like NORMAL HUMANS, and I guess he hits her at about 5km/h, which pretty much just knocks her over.  Now the messed up part is that the woman just gets back up and starts running to catch a bus on the other side of the road!  She misses the bus and looks all grumpy, so my friend gets out of his car and is all like, “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU OKAY?!?!” to which she answers, “YOU MADE ME MISS MY BUS!!!” and then runs off!

WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!  She was literally more angry about missing the bus than the fact that she was JUST HIT BY A CAR.

This city is bonkers!

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