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Oh my god you guys, I am dating RDJ!

Bring in that Christmas cheer!

Dudes.  I was feeling SO ill yesterday.  Maybe it’s the stress of the season or something, but I was ready to hurl all day, so my apologies on the lack of posting.  I’m feeling okay today, but I’m pretty bummed that I forgot my lunch and that now I will have to either go hungry, or suffer the wrath of the “FREE COOKED MEAL” from here.

 I think I am willing to starve.

I’m still waiting to hear from the dream job and I’m hoping I’ll hear something today.  I am really stoked on this job, and I REALLY want it.  Like I would choke someone for it.  Maybe even mame.  Doesn’t the waiting just SUCK though?  It’s like sitting in the waiting room of a walk-in clinic.  Maybe, just MAYBE they will call my name in the next oh….FOUR DAYS or so. 

I’m pretty excited that Steve and I have been able to get Winston and Zelda to walk like normal dogs when we’re out.  For the past little while they’ve just been tugging and barking and all out of control and I look like I am being gragged around aimlessly by two small dogs…which I am.  The other day Steve just kept at it, he just kept tugging at Winston’s harness to correct him and *enter angels singing* HE ACTUALLY HEELED.  And so did Zelda!  Next up I am totally teaching them to use the toilet and shower on their own.

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