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Meme, AHOY!

Okay folks, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and with Steve’s help we have come up with seven random facts about Winston and Zelda! 


1) Now that it’s getting cold out, Winston insists upon being under the covers with us in bed.  He starts out on the covers when we first go to bed, but then after breakfast in the morning, he comes for an under-cover snuggle with momma.

2) He goes absolutely NUTS when I leave a towel on the floor.  He smashes his face into the towel to smell it, and then spins around and usually ends up falling down and just rolling around in the towel.

3) Winston’s alternate name was going to be Kingsley

4) Winston just learned to roll over!  Yay!  (thanks for teaching him, Steve!)

5) He spins at a really rapid rate in a counter-clockwise direction when I give him dinner at night.  We think this is because there’s not a lot of space in the kitchen to run around, but that he still needs to show his excitement about dinner

6) Winston likes San Pellegrino, plain, or lemon flavoured

7) The only toys Winston likes are little tiny tennis balls with squeakers, or a squid stuffy we call “Awesome Squid.”


1) Enjoys a lick of my favourite candy apple lollipops

2) Likes carrots in her food, but not just straight carrots as a snack.  She will make it look like she’s eating it, but will push it out the side of her mouth in hopes that Winston will see it on the ground and eat it.

3) She goes crazy if anyone picks up Winston really fast by barking and jumping to around hip height.

4) Likes to play a game where she runs under the bed and then makes all of these sad little puppy noises and yelps like she’s hurt, and in turn, you have to call her name, asking where she is.  Then she will bark a little reply.

5) Enjoys being held like a baby over my shoulder.  Always the right shoulder, never the left.

6) Constantly burps these really awful smelling burps, usually in people’s faces.

7) Her favourite toy is currently a little snowman head with a squeaker inside.  She basically tries to mame Winston if he even goes near it.  The first time I gave it to her she played with it for about five hours straight!

Tada!  Yay Clover, I finished it!

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