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Sand in the hourglass

Do you ever feel like life kind of gets the better of you sometimes?  I wish I could put it more eloquently, but in all reality I just feel like the most minute of tasks can be the most painful to repeat each and every day.  I guess that sounds a little depressing, but I’m not really sad about it so much as I just need to figure out how to handle all the things that come with being grown up.

For instance, most of the time I can get through my morning just fine.  Okay, I am basically a hypersomniac, so it’s nearly impossible to get me up in the morning, BUT, once I actually GET up, I am quick to get ready.  It’s just that some days the task of repeatedly brushing my teeth, getting into the shower, washing, getting dressed, doing my hair and makeup just seems like this insurmountable task that I just don’t want to do today.  You can’t really get out of doing stuff like that without smelling and looking like a dead hooker by the end of the week though, so I guess we just buck up and continue.

But then there’s the housekeeping, and the eating, and the playing with the dogs and the fun times with the boyfriend, and the friends, and the hobbies, and just at the end of the day it sometimes becomes overwhelming, as if I am structured to do all of these things to keep my life at the status quo, but that it must just be so much easier for everyone else in the world to do everything they want, so why can’t I figure it all out?

Take even something simple like hobbies.  I have a handful of interests that I like to keep up to date with, but where in the world is all the time to do all of them?  It’s like there is really only time for maybe one hobby a day, and maybe it’s selfish, but I wish there were time in the day to really relax and take in all of the enjoyment of the things I love to do.  I just wish that magically the apartment would be clean and the laundry done, and that somehow everyone would eat dinner with no effort and that it would leave me a good chunk of hours to do something I love.

Maybe everyone is like this though?  Maybe we’re all just trying to get that balance of life correct and that’s why we are here for so long, because that’s actually how long it takes to get it right.

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