Holy Sweet Volcano Mother!

It’s about as hot as the photo in the office today!  The heater in the building is broken and so I’m livin’ the island life over here at my desk with a fan on full blast while I die a slow death in the sweater I chose to wear this morning!

 It’s apparently “quite” cold outside today.  Apparently people in Vancouver think that two degrees celcius is cold.  Let me tell you: IT IS NOT COLD.  I am still wearing a fall jacket and I am toasty, meanwhile there are people walking around in winter boots and jackets and holding scarves over their mouths like the next ice age has arrived and it is going to kill us all THIS VERY SECOND.

You know what’s cold?  MINUS FOURTY!  And did you know that at -40, celcius and farenheit are the SAME?!  Think about how cold that is.  You want to die in weather like that.  That’s the kind of cold that puts hair on your chest–MAN OR WOMAN!

Anyhow, despite this amazingly temperate “cold spell”, people went out to the grand Santa Claus Parade, which is known to me as “IT’S GOING TO TAKE FOUR HOURS TO DRIVE TEN BLOCKS TIME!”  I was sitting in traffic for so long that my gas light came on and I was VERY close to being stranded.  I had to park just to conserve my morsels of gas.  FOUR HOURS!  It was mayhem!  I accidently ended up parking like a block from the parade, so Steve and I just watched the parade and made a fun thing about it.  It was pretty sweet, except for the floats that we ad floats.  Since when were there advertisement floats???  Like literally there was a big semi driving the parade route with the coca-cola logo on it.  BUY COKE OR YOUR FAMILY WILL SUFFER THIS CHRISTMAS!!!

 I guess I’ll be sufferin’ away while I drink delicious Pepsi this holiday season!

4 Responses to “Holy Sweet Volcano Mother!”

  1. 1 La November 26, 2007 at 11:37 am

    Maybe we should trade, because it’s like negative eleventy in my office.

  2. 2 Goodboy Norman Featherstone November 26, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    We also prefer Pepsi and no traffic. What is wrong with people? Coke is FLAT!

  3. 3 Doozywhoop November 26, 2007 at 3:57 pm

    Coke IS flat, and after you drink it, I find that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth for a long time. With Pepsi, the taste generally goes way and doesn’t leave me with STANK mouth. :0)

  4. 4 ultratoast November 27, 2007 at 5:46 am

    Weirdly, It is also quite warm here today, which is also unusual for the time of year. Damn you, global warming. How can I dress to please you?

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